George W. Bush scribbled on American flags at a rally in Michigan, July, 2003.


Sunday, January 30, 2005


He barely ever goes.

Today, AP's ANNE GEARAN - "services at the Episcopalian church he regularly attends a block from the White House."

Saturday, January 29, 2005


About a year ago, I was doing regular posts that simply quoted from Orwell's 1984 with a link to a story to demonstrate the flagrant similarity between Orwell's fiction and our current reality under the Cartel. It's not like I thought up the idea and when you read or re-read 1984, it becomes unavoidable. Anyway, Bilmon returned to the Whiskey Bar recently and has been doing something similar, rather than writing. He's the man, that Bilmon.


A good friend of mine, known here as Harlem J, or Flecha, to some, was a Sandinista back in the day. We agree that there was an immediate and healthy presumption of sneaky self-infliction in regard to the A-Train and C-Train subway fire. One must always ask the question: "who benefits?" The left does far too little of that these days.

The city first said it was a homeless guy who started the little fire, badly crippling two major subway lines in NYC. Fortunately, the A and C don't directly affect the Lexington lines to East Damfatown, known as Spanish Harlem to most.

One had to wonder how some homeless fuckup could beat all that Fatherland Security. Sure, it might have been a homeless guy, but we have to presume, until it is proven otherwise, that the city does not want to keep paying full price for a system it cannot afford. The city benefits and the poor get shafted. This is known as the same old story. Maybe now the city will have enough money for Bloomberg's silly Jets stadium.

The city said, at first, that the A-Train would be running at maddeningly low capacity for - wait for it - five years. The C was completely gone for an unknown period. You have to understand what it is like to cram into a train like cattle on the way to work every day, only to discover that now it will be three times as crammed for - yes - five years.

The very next day the word was six to nine months, then there was talk of three months. It is, as Flecha said, the way El Facismo works. They give us very bad news, then lighten it, then lighten it again, but the news still sucks. Said the main man for the NYC MTA - "I must have misspoke or didn't clarify myself very well on that." It's El Facismo, sometimes known as "keeping the trains running on time."

This is also the way the body count from Iraq generally works. One, two or three a day. Generally, but not always - the States lost nearly forty people all at once this week and they had to tell us. The had to tell us that the total jumped right over 1400, overnight. Maddening, indeed, but now we can be relieved, day to day, as we open the paper and discover that we have only lost one or three ... or ten.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


This is the guy that cleared the air during the 9/11 hearings to make sure everybody knew the FAA and NORAD were completely full of crap with their changing story.

This is the guy that left Washington pre-election, sending his staff away, to make sure everybody knew that the fear-mongering warnings he was secretly getting were a sham. His point: if anyone believed this sham, they'd be long gone.

So, over at Buzzflash, we find that he is refusing to confirm Congo-Fever Rice. This is a good guy:

"My vote against this nomination is my statement that this administration's lying must stop now," Dayton said on the Senate floor, a day before the Senate is expected to vote on Rice's nomination.

Dayton, a Minnesota Democrat, referred to an exchange at last week's confirmation hearing, when Rice pointedly asked Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., to question her "without impugning my credibility or my integrity."

Dayton didn't take Rice's words to heart.

"I don't like to impugn anyone's integrity, but I really don't like being lied to repeatedly, flagrantly, intentionally," he said. "It's wrong. It's undemocratic, it's un-American, and it's dangerous.

"And it is occurring far too frequently in this administration. And this Congress, this Senate must demand that it stop now."

Monday, January 24, 2005


McCain expects some hearings about Rummy's plan for a global free-fire zone with only Rummy's finger on the trigger.

Hearings. A fat lot of good that will do. Rumsfeld needs to be "hearing" McCain's foot in his ear but it won't happen.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


You know, when the joke is inappropriate but the guy suffering its results is so deserving.

I have gone almost cold turkey from all the telescreen propaganda. I flipped on NBC today, hoping to catch McGlaughlin Group and got Chris Matthews instead.

Anyway, there is Andrew Sullivan on the panel, the famously homosexual Republican, saying he is "completely optimistic" about the effects of the Iraq War. Matthews says "are you a cock-eyed optimist?" He begins cackling and the panel members freeze.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Let me guess. Michael Powell, Boobgate inquisitor, will be a high-paid lobbyist soon, for the industry he has supposedly been regulating. No word from the NYT as to his next job. Huh, wonder why...

OFP was already thinking along this line ...

Friday, January 21, 2005


The latest Seymour Hersch article reads like a Kurt Nimmo piece. Should we trust Nimmo more or Sy less? I go with the former.

On to Iran.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


So, is anyone asking how the exit polls could show Kerry ahead all the way until midnight and then suddenly Bush is a big winner? Nope.

Apparently, they want to know why the media was so irresponsible that it relied on the only system the world knows to verify whether election fraud has occurred.

Where the media is grossly irreponsible, ie the Iraq War, it points a finger elsewhere. When the media reports perfectly reliable poll data, give or take a couple of points, it is only then that it says mea culpa.

Of course, the media is only now reviewing the raw data and has not yet decided whether to make the information public. It's a goddam scary world, isn't it?


If there is one thing I can't stand, it is when people who think they are smart bigshots say the exact opposite of what they are trying to say. Like when some self--proclaimed genius says "could care less." They really mean "couldn't care less."

For another example:
As for U.S. troops leaving, [Condi Rice] said in response to forceful questioning from Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, "Our role is directly proportional ... to how capable the Iraqis are."
No. The MORE capable the Iraqis, the SMALLER our role, at least according to the Cartel's bullshit story. Hence, "inversely proportional," not "directly proportional."

Evil, ugly AND stupid is a sad way to go through life.

Friday, January 14, 2005

For this challenge to Ohio's electors to have occurred, I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the internet activists, who spread the story of my efforts and supported me in every way possible. I am also thankful to the alternative media, including talk radio and blogs that gave substantial attention and investigation to these matters when all but a handful in the mainstream media refused to examine the facts. I cannot thank all of you personally, but you know who you are.

Monday, January 10, 2005


Tweed recommended this column and I thank him. Raspberry's tone is just right.

Certain people with a "U.S. Rep." in front of their names came awfully close to announcing something. Something about the election and the dirty deeds therewith. What, exactly? Well, something intentional and something really sketchy.

It's kind of like when I was robbed once. I was robbed for a lot. I had a pretty good idea of who did it. I just could not be sure. I really wanted to be a tough guy and get my posse and beat the truth from him, even if he was ultimately innocent, just so I could be sure, but violence is not my way. So I lived with it and I still live with it. I've never gotten over it.

In the same way, somebody, some people, need a beating, for even trying to do what they probably did anyway in Ohio.


Is this weird? The AP headline about Tim Roemer, running for DNC chair, screams "abortion foe." Why doesn't the article even mention he sat on the 9/11 Commission? Weird.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


This, among many other reasons, is why the War on T'rr is a joke.

Any act that harms people is not necessarily more reprehensible because it is intentional. An intentional killing of one person is not as awful an event as the accidental death of ten. Give or take. What tends to matter is whether something is preventable.

The Property Worshipers will kick and cry if consumer groups and tort lawyers demand more safety from chemical companies or the carriers that work with them. It's government regulation. It is too expensive.

Just imagine what would happen if (and this assumes the SC event was not deliberate) someone had launched a chlorine attack on a busy street and nine people had died, 250 injured, or whatever. This whole nation would be hysterical and in lock down mode. We would have to run off and bomb some more brown-skinned people.

I am demanding proportional reaction to problems. We spend hundreds of billions in reaction to 9/11. Where is the money for the multiple horrors that occur on a regular basis? We did not react to 9/11 so strongly because so many died. We reacted that way because it hurt our pride and because it was brown-skinners that did it. When it is rich executives doing the killing, whether accidentally or not, we are seemingly impotent.

Let's have a War on Gross Mismanagement and Lethal Greed.


I have often wondered what reward is so great that various media people overtly shill for Bush or turn the other way while America gets the shaft. Maybe it's just outright sickening bribery.

Have you ever seen or listened to Armstrong Williams? Count yourself lucky, if not. He's Black. He's conservative... but not really. He's really just a buck dancer, for which I can almost have more respect. From the Washington Post:
The Education Department paid commentator Armstrong Williams $241,000 to help promote President Bush's No Child Left Behind law on the air, an arrangement that Williams acknowledged yesterday involved "bad judgment" on his part. ...

... Williams, one of the most prominent black conservatives in the media, said he understands "why some people think it's unethical." Asked if people would be justified in thinking he sold his opinions to the government for cash, he said: "It's fair for someone to make that assessment." ...

... Alex Jones, director of Harvard's Shorenstein media center, said he is "disgusted" by what he called "the worst kind of fakery and flackery" on Williams's part. "It's propaganda masquerading as news, paid by government, truly a recipe from hell," he said. "It would make any thinking person hearing any pundit speak want to say, 'Okay, how much did they pay you to say that?' " Jones said the contract also shows that "the Bush administration neither understands nor respects the idea of an independent media."
(Yes, I wake up a little later than Steve, who also notes Joe's comments on this).

Friday, January 07, 2005


The Senator from California had the guts to do what even Senator Al Gore did not. Join the "keepin' it real" House Democrats in protesting Ohio's electors. That triggered the first ever official debate on a state's slate of electors. Without a Senator, Ms. Boxer, in this case, there could be no objection.

Basically, the ol'e Democrat family kicked them where it hurts one time before letting it all go.
The objection by Boxer and Tubbs Jones delayed for several hours the normally mundane process whereby Congress formally accepts states' electoral votes. With Vice President Dick Cheney presiding over a joint session of Congress, the alphabetical list of states' votes was halted with the submission of a letter of objection signed by Boxer and Tubbs Jones.

The count resumed about four hours later, making Bush's victory over Kerry in the Electoral College official. Bush carried the Electoral College on Election Day, 286 to 252, though an unknown Kerry elector from Minnesota cast his presidential ballot for Kerry's running mate, Senator John Edwards of North Carolina, meaning Kerry's actual total is 251.
It is done.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Gunned down in his car. Makin progress.
White House spokesman Scott McClellan acknowledged security "challenges" in Iraq but said the election timetable would not be changed.
Looks to me like if Saddam busted loose, killed Allawi and a million other people, kicked Rumsfeld in the behind and cast all the ballots tomorrow, these jokers would still say "the election timetable would not be changed."


Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Don't want to give the wrong impression. I sure hope life is good for everybody who visits this site. I sure hope everybody has a grand and fantastic new year. Thanks for all the kind words I can't complain. Life is good for this Downtown Damfacrat. It beats Iraq, and I have friends in Iraq. Be well.

Sunday, January 02, 2005


Nothing much changes in Iraq. Maybe it gets worse as it goes along. I could almost fall into apathetic acceptance of this Amirkin administration full of evil-doers if it wasn't for this hideous war. Almost.

The only thing that changes in Iraq is the motivation that the government and the gullible press claim drives the rebels.

We know this, right? Sometimes I forget that not everybody has noticed the obvious trends.

First, the rebels were post-invasion dead-enders. Then they were Saddam-driven hold-outs. Then they were blowback fighters mad about Saddam's capture. Then they were trying to spoil the transfer of power. Then they were trying to influence OUR election.

So, when an attack happens now, it's not another attack in an endless, successful, nationalist rebellion. It's "a string of assassinations and bombings by insurgents bent on wrecking a landmark Jan. 30 election." No. The presence of citizens of the United States of America is the cause of the violence in Iraq.

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