George W. Bush scribbled on American flags at a rally in Michigan, July, 2003.


Friday, December 31, 2004


"... maybe this year will be better than the last."

Monday, December 27, 2004


This voting weirdness compilation page is current.

Also, Rep. Conyers has many pointed questions about why Ohio's Hocking County Brd of Elec got together with the Triad voting machine people and openly decided to blow by mismatched counts - in other words, if the hand recount doesn't match the machine (the whole question), the Triad folks say it's human error and one can "adjust." Do you see? That is pure subversion and it is surely illegal.

Here's a little more about this Hocking/Triad thing. Mr. Kerry's lawyers filed a motion to speed up discovery. It's basically a way to get some scumbags under oath right away and preserve crucial evidence. Not too shabby, even if it is a "me too," as Truthout's Pitt puts it.

Meanwhile, Ohio's Sec of State Kenny Blackwell is running from the lawyers and their damn prying questions. Mark my words, if this guy receives too much scrutiny, his malfunctioning dome will explode.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


War is Peace.


Green Party representatives told Schwartze on Monday they would challenge the recount because the county did not use a truly random procedure in selecting 3 percent of ballots for a hand count as required under state law.

The county picked from only the five precincts that each had enough ballots to equal 3 percent, instead of randomly picking from all precincts until there were enough to equal 440 ballots.v

With 73 of Ohio's 88 counties reporting final recounts to The Associated Press as of Monday, including the large urban counties of Cuyahoga, Hamilton and Franklin, Bush had gained 420 votes and Kerry has gained 569 votes.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


It was the coldest day I've had in New York City today. -11 with the wind chill. However, as reported by CNN:
Around the Lower 48 states, temperatures Saturday ranged from a morning low of minus 16 in Saranac Lake, New York, to a high of 76 in Valdosta, Georgia.

Sunday, December 19, 2004


Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick this is unbearable.


More like a sliver. A tiny slice. The LA Times reports that the WH wants to cut the Pentagon's budget. By 60 billion. Over 6 years.

With spending on the wars and other stuff, taxpayers are looking at well over 500 billion a year. That is about a million each minute, which doesn't include all the interest payments to China, the private banks, etc. 60 billion over 6 years is pocket change.

Saturday, December 18, 2004


I'm only dying...

1304 dead American military people in Iraq.


The wolves are at the door for the sneaks in Ohio. The recount is happening. So, if they cheated, how do they avoid exposure? They cheat on the recount.

1. Green Party leader David Cobb testified recently that a Triad executive showed up at the recount location in Hocking County and monkeyed with the machine.

2. Fairfield County simply shut down the recount. It is reported that the process was tried twice, with both results showing a discrepancy between the sample hand recount and the machine tabulator. This is supposed to trigger the county-wide recount. Instead, the Board of Elections called our good buddy Ken Blackwell, Sec. of State, blamed "machine failure" and ordered a new machine from ESS to be delivered.

3. In Greene County, two election observers were intitally granted access to voting records. Suddenly, someone pulled the plug and denied them all access based on an directive from, yeah, you guessed it, that psycho Blackwell.

Regardless of his actions, Blackwell really is a freak. When you see him on TV, like Florida's Katherine Harris of 2000 fame, he just has that hysterical freak aura around him. Look for him to get a seat in Congress, just like she did.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


To the precious few who still glance in this direction, sorry I've been absent. All I've been doing is working and drinking up every Nick Drake recording I can find. (He's a long way from Necro, that's for sure, J-Star).

Anyway, the New York Times decided to do some reporting during my silence, as they occasionally do. The story is U.S. Representative Conyers demanding an Ohio vote investigation from the FBI. The Times put it on like page A28, and tried to downplay it with some foolish excuse-making, so I'll try to use a little more emphasis:
The request for an investigation, made in a letter that was also provided to The New York Times, includes accounts from at least two county employees, but is based largely on a sworn affidavit provided by the Hocking County deputy director of elections, Sherole Eaton.

Among other things, Ms. Eaton says in her affidavit that a representative of Triad Governmental Systems, the Ohio firm that created and maintains the vote-counting software in dozens of Ohio counties, made several adjustments to the Hocking County tabulator last Friday, in advance of the state's recount, which is taking place this week. ...

... Ms. Eaton contends that the Triad employee asked which precinct Hocking County planned to count as its representative 3 percent, and, upon being told, made further adjustments to the machine.

County officials decided to use a different precinct when the recount was done yesterday. No [hand count v. machine] discrepancies were found.

"This is pretty outrageous," Mr. Conyers said. "We want to pursue it as vigorously as we can."

Sunday, December 12, 2004


Go watch the half-hour video from the Rep. Conyers hearing on Ohio vote fraud the other day. These people are mega-pissed, as we all should be.

One lawyer quoted Ghandi: "First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then ... you win."

Saturday, December 11, 2004


In the AP, not much has been written about "technology failures, voter confusion and overcrowded polling stations in minority and poor neighborhoods." Let alone outright fraud and manipulation.

So this is kind of weird. I had thought that about 3 in 5 Provisional ballots were valid and that Kerry got about 60%. Here is what the AP said today:
Last week, Conyers sent a letter to Blackwell asking him to cooperate in a Democratic investigation of "substantial irregularities" in Ohio, which certified a 119,000-vote margin for Bush. That is some 17,000 votes fewer than Blackwell's original estimate of 136,000.

The margin shrank primarily because of the Franklin county glitch, and the addition of overseas and provisional ballots. Provisional ballots - meant to address concerns of voter disenfranchisement - were cast by voters who showed up at the wrong precinct or without proper identification on Nov. 2.

Out of Ohio's 156,977 provisional ballots, about four in five, or 121,598 ballots, were ruled valid.

The well-reported Franklin County Magic Bush Votes were almost 4,000. That means Kerry picked up 13,000 with provisionals and "overseas." I just don't understand how Kerry only got 67,000 to Bush's 54,000, more or less, among provs and overseas.

More to the point, I'm just stunned that some 54,000 had their votes challenged at the polls and turned out to be Bush voters. I would have thought that by far, most people challenged at the polls were urban Democrats. Then again, the article does not bother to explain how many were "overseas" ballots.

Anyway, at least the AP is running another story about all of this...


Anybody paying attention knows that the Ukraine vote was fraudulent, so they have to re-run the election. The people actually stood up and refused to take it - imagine.

Today I see that the "loser" was also poisoned. One can now examine the full spectrum of options for people like the Bush Cartel, when it comes to voting. 1. Fair and square; 2. lies during the campaign; 3. rigged, or; 4. straight up murder.

One can definitely rule out #1 and definitely rule in #2. Maybe #4 was off the table this time around but #3 was clearly morally realistic for this crowd.

Friday, December 10, 2004


This, "Myths and Mysteries," is a good read:
... it's simply hard to comprehend how Bush got 61.7 million votes, shattering Ronald Reagan's old record of 54.5 million from his landslide victory in 1984. What makes Bush's numbers even more incredible is that he got them as John Kerry also surpassed Reagan's record with 58.5 million votes.

Comparing Nov. 2's numbers with Election 2000 is equally stunning. In four years, Bush increased his total vote by about 22 percent, even as Kerry topped Al Gore's margin by almost 15 percent. In earlier presidential elections when one party has managed to boost its vote by 20 percent or so, the other party has suffered widespread defections.

But what is perhaps most astounding is that Bush chalked up these vote totals after compiling one of the poorest records of any recent president: a sluggish economy, huge government deficits, a weakening dollar, a catastrophic war in Iraq and loss of respect for the United States around the world.


A lot of good ideas and a good understanding of the problem with private E-Voting. Too bad fat ass Dems won't do anything about it.

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Wired E-Vote News, a link to which you can find to the right, is not really what it purports to be. It remains mute until a "debunking" story rolls around, whereupon it pounces, crying "everything is fine."

Anyway, some professors at some little punk schools (read: Binghamton) are professing that the Berkeley study, the one suggesting that e-voting problems were the only explanation for weird Bush wins in Florida, is invalid.

Speaking of pouncing, Conyers and those few heroes up in the Congress held their hearing on Ohio voting today. Olbermann has the essential procedural points, as usual.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Maybe this will jinx him but - not a mediocre post in the bunch.

Sure, there are real stories about whacko voting numbers but you have to get it right. When people dis bloggers, they say it is because bloggers aren't trustworthy. Well, they are - to an extent. I can't tell you how many dicked up stories I have read that are close to the truth but screw up the facts or even just get written with typos that sluff off the power of the facts.

The Miami County story (that's in Ohio): 19,000 new votes did magically appear, which favored Bush. However, contrary to many posts, they did not all favor Bush.

The truly weird thing was that the initial percentage split almost exactly equaled the split after the new votes appeared. It was initially this:
Bush 20,807 votes (65.80%) and Kerry had 10,724 (33.92%)
which then became this:
Bush's vote to 33,039 (65.77%) to Kerry's 17,039 (33.92%)

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Gore's losing manager, Ms. Ineffective, Donna Brazile, is the "voting rights expert???" Oh, Christ. The DNC strategy in Ohio:
McAuliffe, along with DNC voting rights chair Donna Brazile, said a team of lawyers and voting rights experts will be formed in coming weeks. The study should be completed next spring, he said.
Hey, what's the hurry, right?

Thru this stellar compilation page.

Monday, December 06, 2004


Check out the screen shots at Uggabugga.


What on this Green Earth took them so long??? Nothing. It was pure delay.

Bush wins Ohio by 118, 975 votes. Insert "raspberry" sound here.

Laugher line of the article (look for the word "finally")
The presidential election hung on Ohio, prized for its 20 electoral votes. Not until the morning after the election did Kerry finally concede ...

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Twelve Congresspersons wrote the Ohio Sec. of State a letter, demanding answers to 34 questions about voting fraud, suppression and irregularities. Here is the pdf of the letter, a summary of some of the questions and Keith Olbermann's take, which includes a discussion of the Steeler's QB.

Saturday, December 04, 2004


Bush "won" because he "won" Ohio by 136,000 votes. They have been counting those absentee ballots and the provisional ballots, which were cast and checked on later. The word in the press is that now Bush leads by 119,000. Also, it appears that about 2/3 of the 150,000 provisionals were valid.

As Jackson noted on Countdown this week, it is transparently unfair that Bush's man in Ohio, Sec. of State Blackwell, has waited this long to "certify" the election. Look like the Cartel learned its lesson after Katherine Harris certified too early in Florida. In 2000, they thought an official act could fight off the truth. They have now learned that it is better to delay certification because a recount cannot begin until certification.

Certify the day the electors vote and it is that much harder to unravel things if the recount changes the result. We have until Congress declares in January to save America.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


November was the month with the most American military deaths in Iraq. 137.

At least the end may be near. I'm almost convinced that Bush is clinging to the January election in Iraq so he has an excuse to yank troops soon after they are held.

My only question is, do they go to Iran or come home? Not much of a question, I guess, because it is becoming more and more apparent that they are headed for Iran.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Just when I go and slam them, I find out that the Greens (and Libertarians - GLIBS) are taking fire for America on the front lines of Ohio's recount. A state judge has issued an ex parte order (that means an order where one party was not given input) to halt the recount. On top of that, the Democrats may be ready to come charging down the hill like Gandolf and his reinforcements in "The Two Towers."

As for this statement, it is hard to disagree:
It's also worth noting, by the way, as long as "The Glibs" have already won the American Patriots of the Year Award, that their press spokesman may also now be in line for the 2004 Chutzpah Medal of Honor due in no small part to this statement:

"We welcome the support of the Kerry-Edwards campaign for the recount and we call upon the Bush-Cheney ticket to offer their support for this multi-partisan effort as well."
Did you give any money to the recount effort? I did and, frankly, it feels better spent than anything I gave to John Kerry.

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