George W. Bush scribbled on American flags at a rally in Michigan, July, 2003.


Tuesday, November 30, 2004


The Greens can be so cool. Then they say or do something that seems just plain ill-informed. Recount in New Mexico - cool. In Nevada, WTF?
In Nevada, the lack of paper trails or receipts for electronic voting machines is the primary concern.
Uh, no. Nevada is like the only state to have paper almost100% of the time.

Monday, November 29, 2004

... what several voters' groups see as the incongruity of an underfunded Democratic candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court, C. Ellen Connally, getting a net 45,000 more votes in Butler County relative to her Republican opponent than Kerry did relative to his. She finished ahead of her party's presidential nominee by 10,000 net votes or more in five Ohio counties; by 5,000 or more in ten others.


Sometimes, whatever you think about a person, it's important to isolate the merits of what they say. In the AP:
Jackson said too many questions have been raised to let the vote stand without further examination.

``We can live with winning and losing. We cannot live with fraud and stealing,'' Jackson said Sunday at Mount Hermon Baptist Church.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


The Government Accountability Office seems like a pretty decent government organization type thing. After all, it's the office that busted the Thugs for creating fake news medicare ads and other tax-funded "illegal propaganda."

So, it can't be bad if they are going to check into this voting thing. Unless it's a whitewash ... I don't think it's a whitewash.

Here's a list of the 14 House Dems who have asked for the investigation, you've seen many of their names in other heroic contexts:

John Conyers (D-MI)
Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)
Robert Wexler (D-FL)
Robert Scott (D-GA)
Melvin Watt (D-NC)
Rush Holt (D-NJ)
Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)
Louise Slaughter (D-NY)
George Miller (D-CA)
John Olver (D-MA)
Bob Filner (D-CA)
Gregory Meeks (D-NY)
Barbara Lee (D-CA)
Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


It's just a State House seat but after a recount in NH, the result yanked it from a Republican and gave it to the Democrat.

Sunday, November 21, 2004


A weeks or so back, some MIT guys claimed they did a study showing how all the erroneous exit poll numbers were still within the margin of error. In other words, there was nothing about which to worry. The Times and the Post grabbed it and wallpapered our intelligence with it.

Now, in the wake of the Berkeley study ("ghost votes"), the MIT guys are not so sure. From Olbermann:

Meantime, The Oakland Tribune not only devoted seventeen paragraphs Friday to the UC Berkeley study on the voting curiosities in Florida, but actually expended considerable energy towards what we used to call 'advancing the story': "The UC Berkeley report has not been peer reviewed, but a reputable MIT political scientist succeeded in replicating the analysis Thursday at the request of the Oakland Tribune and The Associated Press. He said an investigation is warranted."

In fact, he - MIT Arts and Social Sciences Dean Charles Stewart - said more than that. "There is an interesting pattern here that I hope someone looks into." Stewart is part of the same Cal Tech/MIT Voting Project that had earlier issued a preliminary report suggesting that there was no evidence of significant voting irregularity in Florida. ...

... Neither MIT nor Cal Tech has yet responded to the comments of several poll-savvy commentators, and others, that its paper was using erroneous statistics. Its premise, you’ll recall, was that on a state-by-state basis, the notorious 2004 Exit Polls were within the margin of error and could be mathematically interpreted as having forecast the announced presidential outcome. It has been observed that the MIT/Cal Tech study used not the "raw" exit polls - as did Professor Steven Freeman of Penn did in his study - but rather the "weighted" polls, in which actual precinct and county official counts are mixed in to "correct" the organic "Hey, Buddy, who'd you vote for" numbers. The "weighted" polls have been analogized to a football handicapper predicting that the New Orleans Saints would beat the Denver Broncos 24-14, then, after the Broncos scored twenty points in the first quarter, announcing his prediction was now that the Saints would beat the Broncos 42-41, or even, that the Broncos would beat the Saints 40-7.


You shouldn't ever lose your sense of humor. Besides, if Russell posts a photo like this, to do so is not possible.

100 DEAD

Americans in Iraq, in 19 days since the election.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


First, read this comprehensive run-down of the bizarro election results. It's good, although poorly written in some sentences.

Then, to all those touted ad-revenued bloggers who proudly dwell in the "reality-based community," as they say (based on Suskin's NYT article revealing the GOP's outspoken contempt for those who are "reality-based" instead of proudly inventing the truth, as the GOP does) Truth Out's Mark Crispin Miller sends this goddam righteous message:

To nod agreement that this was indeed an honest win is to forget how Bush was shoehorned into office in the first place; to ignore the ease with which electronic totals can be changed without a trace; to suppress the fact that Diebold, Sequoia and ES&S - the major manufacturers of touch screen voting machines and central tabulators - are owned and run by Bush Republicans, who have made no secret of their partisan intentions; to deny the value of the exit polls, which turn out to have been "mistaken" only in the swing states; to downplay the weird inflation of the Bush vote in county after county, where the number of votes for president was somehow higher than the number of voters who turned out; to ignore the bald chicanery of the Bush supporters who ran the central polling station in Ohio's Warren County and forced out the press and poll monitors so they could count the vote in secret; to forget the numerous accounts of vote fraud coast to coast throughout the prior weeks of early voting; to overlook the fact that every single "glitch" or "error" that has been reported favors Bush; to ignore the countless instances of ballots- absentee, provisional - thrown away or left uncounted; to forget that the civilian vote abroad (some four million Americans) was being mishandled by the Pentagon (which had somehow become responsible for doing the State Department's job); and to ignore the many dirty tricks reported - the polling places quickly relocated at the last minute, the fake voter-registration drives, the thousands of Americans who found themselves not on the rolls, the police road-blocks, the bullying pro-Bush poll workers, the machines that kept translating votes for Kerry into votes for Bush. And so on.

To forget or ignore all this and to accept - on faith - the mere say-so of Bush & Company (and our compliant media) is to make clear that you are not a member of what the Busheviks deride as "the reality-based community." Those who help discredit false reports are doing that community, and this erstwhile democracy, a precious service. But, those who would abort the whole inquiry in the name of science or journalistic probity and "closure" are putting that community, and this nation, at grave risk.


"Thank you to the Greens and all others whose support for a recount will rescue a shred of honesty in the conduct of the 2004 Ohio election," said [our main man Dennis] Kucinich.

The little ol'e Dem Party of Ohio is feigning a flex. They filed suit to get the 150,000 provisional ballots counted in a uniform manner. Those are the check-up-on-you-later ballots that get cast when you show up to vote and your name isn't on the rolls.
"Our action is not tied to some hope of changing the outcome of the election. We're being consistent with the Kerry campaign, and the Democratic Party's interest in seeing all eligible ballots are counted," McTigue said.
How about their interest in winning something for a change? Pussies.

Gene Beaupre, a political scientist at Xavier University in Cincinnati, saw the suit as an effort by Democratic officials to assuage party loyalists who feel Kerry quit without a fight in Ohio.

"There's certainly a feeling out there that people were let down by the leadership," Beaupre said. "All you have to do is look on the Internet, and that sense of disappointment is a political reality among a lot of people who are Internet users."

That sounds about right. They wouldn't want to try to actually win or anything. That might make them look "bitter" or "radical." Assclowns.


The heavy statistic dudes figured out that anomalies occurred to such an extent in the large Democratic counties (Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach), plus all the other counties (and only those) where e-voting was used, that it is statistically impossible for the results to be real.

Someone fetch the tar and feathers.

A research team at UC Berkeley reported Thursday morning that irregularities associated with electronic voting machines may have awarded 130,000 - 260,000 or more in excess votes to President George W. Bush in Florida in the 2004 presidential election. The study showed an unexplained discrepancy between votes for President Bush in counties where electronic voting machines were used versus counties using traditional voting methods.

Discrepancies this large or larger rarely arise by chance -- the probability is less than 0.1 percent. The research team, led by Sociology Professor Michael Hout, formally disclosed the results of the study at a press conference and called for an immediate investigation by Florida officials....

... Hout, who describes himself as a nontechnical statistical researcher who has long been a skeptic of the criticisms levied against electronic voting machines, said he's "always taken a show-me approach to the theories of problems [with e-voting systems]." But when he saw the results of this study, "that's when I converted from skeptic [to believer]. I have concluded that something went awry with electronic voting in Florida."

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Looks like people are a wee bit defensive about being scrutinized regarding the vote records. This is a good story about some do-gooders who ended up looking through the garbage to find the awful truth. Very sketchy. Will Kerry grow some balls any time soon? Don't bet on it.
In his first extensive interview since his Nov. 2 defeat, Kerry was asked by the Fox News affiliate in Boston about running again in 2008 and reminded the questioner that Ohio is still counting votes from 2004. ...

... Reflecting on his loss, Kerry said he was not sitting around thinking about it. ``You've got to go on,'' he said. ``Do I find it some mark of failure or distress, the answer is no.''
The former presidential nominee described himself as a ``fighter,'' and added, ``I can envision a lot of years of fight ahead of me.''

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Americans in Iraq. Over 1200 total. Updated 11/17.


How could The Times run an article about this without mentioning Richard Perle?


As I said ...
Instead, you invoke the imprimatur of Harvard, Cornell and Stanford, citing an email by three unnamed political scientists ...
... that Times article was really offensive garbage.

Monday, November 15, 2004

I'm not sure a bigger lie than "help is on the way" has ever been uttered in a presidential campaign.


Review by Camile Paglia of a new Frank Zappa book. Ms. Paglia is a great mind and this review, although nothing special, is at least pretty accurate.

Addicted to black coffee and cigarettes (he was fiercely antidrugs), he slept during the day and saw little of his family. ... An ally of Larry Flynt, Zappa was a militant advocate of free speech who, in 1985, waged war against the Parents' Music Resource Center, formed by Washington wives, including Tipper Gore. In forceful testimony before a Senate committee, Zappa deplored the group's call for a ratings system for albums.

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Every idiot in the mainstream media wants to write a condescending article about blogs. The most important point, raised so infrequently if at all, is that news and political blogs are Logs of The News.

Much of what we do is just highlighting parts of the mainstream news. It's largely about emphasis and connecting the dots. We can't be accused of making things up if we are merely emphasizing a given story that appeaered on the AP wire.


Americans in Iraq. Updated from 56 since this morning.


From a letter to George Bush from Christian psycho, Bob Jones:
Put your agenda on the front burner and let it boil. You owe the liberals nothing. They despise you because they despise your Christ.
From a review of the movie 'Silver City,' discussing the character "Dickie," based on George Bush:
Meanwhile, Dickie shows his political inexperience in an informal interview with the press where he lists some of his priorities - education, affordable housing, health care - then fumbles when asked what isn't a priority: "What's not a priority - is those matters which are of less of a - not that they’re not important but - if you're going to have a front-burner which is where you want your priorities, like, cooking, there needs to be something sitting on the back one. And that's where your other organizations, your church people and your organizations formed to help these things, will be happy to pitch in if only the government would get out of their way."

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Have you seen the "sorry, everybody" photo gallery?


Apparently, we still need to hold a bake sale to get some form of real Democracy.

Donate to the Green/Libertarian Ohio Recount here. They need another 50K.

Friday, November 12, 2004


C'mon. Look at these huge percentage variances in optiscan counties. This is not a Dixiecrat thing.
Learn, dammit, learn.


He'll count the eleven precincts he thinks smell the worst, then decie whether to proceed.

I suppose some Democrat will create a way to slam him for this ...


Look, I'll save you the trouble of reporting the news for the next four years.

Democrats will scheme and scour for money, ideas and messages to beat the next version of Bush. They have all been wrung out for every drop of salience in the effort to bet Bush this time, so, sincerely, but not without total hopelessness, good luck with all that.

Bush, the Republicans and the corporate media will frighten, lie, cheat, steal, abuse, imprison and kill. No one will do much about it. Did I forget anything?

The only story right now is voting. Suppression, error and fraud. We have about three weeks to save America.


This is a good column: "If it were up to us, we'd be screaming bloody murder."

This NYT article is complete crap, which I do not have the energy tonight to "fisk" or fisk it, I would. It is enough to say that it blames the blogs for resting their "proof" that the election was "stolen" on "disproven" claims, even though no one is saying anything about proof, the claims are actually facts, and this article fails to disprove anything. It basically pisses on blogs and produces a couple of meaningless maps. The Wash Post article was also crap.

Fuck the Times. I buy it for the subway-ride crossword and toss the rest.


In Florida, in 2000, Katherine Harris was Sec of State and the head of the Florida Bush campaign. In Ohio, this year Ken Blackwell is Sec of State and the head of the Ohio Bush campaign.

The provisional balllots are being counted now. It seems a brand new rule was created to eliminate ballots without date of birth, as of Tuesday. Date of birth was not required when people filled them out on election day.
Lovegren described the clerks as 'kind of disturbed' after the new ruling came down. She said that one of the clerks told her, 'This is new. This just came down. They just changed it in the last thirty minutes.' According to Lovegren, 80 yellow-jacketed provisional ballots piled up in the hour and 45 minutes she observed. By Lovegren's tally, three provisional ballots were rejected because the registered voters' registration had been 'cancelled.' The rest, she said, were being discarded because of no date of birth.

In 2000, an estimated 9% of Ohio's provisional ballots were rejected and not counted, according to Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell. Many election observers are predicting the number will be much higher this year due to directives from Blackwell's office.

An earlier analysis in the Free Press of the 155,428 unofficial provisional ballots recorded at the Secretary of State's website found that a clear majority, 85,096, came from the 15 counties Kerry won. An additional 17,038 came from urban Hamilton County, home of Cincinnati, and Wood County, where Bush won with 53% and 53.5% respectively. Traditionally, Hamilton County's provisional ballots are disproportionately cast in the African American majority wards of the central city and not in the affluent Republican-dominated suburbs. Thus, nearly two-thirds (65.7%), or 102,134, provisional ballots come from areas where the provisional ballots are likely to be pro-Kerry.


At a news conference today, Nader demanded recounts in four voting districts in that state (NH). And he said the national vote had made this county - quote - "the laughing stock of the world," that - quote -

"this election is not over," that the outcome in Ohio had been - quote -

"hijacked from A to Z" and that John Kerry should demand a recount there.

RALPH NADER (I), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I want him to say that he conceded too quickly and that subsequent information that has come out indicates that there needs to be a thorough recount and a thorough investigation. And, second, he should say even that if it doesn't change the outcome, he wants to fulfill his promise.

Then there's the other guy I voted for, little Dennis K:

Serious problems surfaced in this election that must be addressed at the state and national level. Some were inefficiencies in handling the massive turn out. No citizen should have to wait for hours to vote, or worry whether their vote was actually counted.

Glitches in electronic voting in the Columbus area should move all legislatures to demand paper receipts for voting machines. Without such a paper trail, no true recount can ever be done. Note that no Diebold electronic voting machines were employed in Ohio.

The official tabulation of votes for Ohio will begin on Saturday and will include four categories not reflected in the unofficial count: provisional ballots, late absentee ballots, overseas military and overseas civilian.

If the difference between George Bush and John Kerry is less than one quarter of one percent after the official tally is completed (about 16,000 votes) an automatic recount occurs under Ohio law.

If the margin is greater than one quarter of one percent, a candidate can request a recount at an expense to the candidate of $10 per precinct. Because there are approximately 12,000 precincts in Ohio, the recount would cost about $120,000, before legal fees. A recount would entail a visual inspection of every punch card ballot.

I believe we must pursue every lead which raises questions about the integrity of the electoral process. Our work may not change the outcome, but it will demonstrate that beyond our commitment to our candidates, we have a higher commitment to our democracy.

Also from Countdown last night, as Atrios said, those weird results in Cuyahoga were explained. For each Congressional Ditrict, they assigned all the absentee ballots to one precinct. So this was, allegedly, the problem. Still doesn't make sense to me but, whatever, if that story had been true and proved, there would have been riots.

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Dick Morris, the one-time Clinton friend turned Fox stooge, wrote an article about how accurate exit polls are. This is why it was so "odd" that they all showed Kerry winning the key states - until CNN had them "updated." Of course, Dicky Toe thinks it's because there was some leftie bias. I can't explain that theory, because false polls for Kerry would suppress Kerry's vote in the West.

As for those exit polls, according to one Professor, the odds of them acting so "odd" are about 250,000,000 to 1.


I'm not sure I get this. Distraction from Iraq is always a good move for these corporatists. Hinting at some biblical turning point. Insinuating fear as things unravel in Palestine. I just can't say which one or why the GOP telescreen thinks this story demands blanket coverage.

In the end, I think the message is: "celebrate, America, another Arab is dead."


Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, 8:00 p.m.
Where's the Democratic Party in all this? Ralph Nader asked that question today, issuing what he called a challenge to Senators Kerry and Edwards to fulfill their promises to make sure every vote counts, particularly in Ohio. ...

... North Carolina has another problem, too. First, it was UniLect Corporation machines in Carteret County that simply count not higher than 3,000 votes. Officials there said they are now being told by the manufacturer that the votes are not missing. They're gone, anywhere from 4,500 of them to 12,000.

Now from Craven County, North Carolina, comes news of every vote counting twice; 11,283 votes there for both Bush and Kerry were added in, then added in a second time by another elections systems and software machine. In correcting that mistake, a human error produced a second set of bad numbers for a local county board seat. When that was fixed, it made a loser out of the Republican who had initially been declared the winner.

And a new state with a new voting nightmare, Nebraska, home of Election System and Software company. Sarpy County - that's where Offutt Air Force Base is - has at least 10,000 extra votes in its returns; 32 of the 80 precinct there still do not have their numbers figured out. That's thanks to election equipment borrowed from Election Systems and Software. One candidate for Papillion City Council said he was stunned to see that 3,342 people had voted in his ward, when less than 3,000 people were registered there.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


If you have been keeping up, you saw how Warren County in Ohio closed off the ballot-counting to the press under the excuse of a Homeland Security "10 out of 10" security threat, conveyed to them by the FBI. Horse hockey!
County officials initially said they feared that having reporters and photographers present could interfere with the ballot counting. They subsequently cited homeland security concerns.

Now, they say an FBI agent told them that Warren County ranked a "10" on a terrorism scale. However, state and federal homeland security officials said Tuesday they were unaware of any specific threat against the county. ...

... Young said he recommended the security precautions after getting information from an FBI agent during a conversation about general Election Day threats. Young refused to identify the agent Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


He says that MSNBC is not trying to keep him quiet about potential voting fraud/mistakes and I believe him. For now, they aren't, anyway. Then again, watching his show tonight, Kieth allowed his guest to slam 9/11 theories with no real explanation. Weak.

This guy is still awesome. Here's some of his transcript from last night:

Ohio, whose 20 electoral votes were based on a margin of 2 percent in the vote, has other problems tonight. The state reports 92,000 presidential votes did not count. Ranging from votes improperly cast to votes improperly counted. And in Cuyahoga County, that is greater Cleveland, the official records of 29 different voting precincts show more votes than registered voters to a total of 93,000 extra votes in that county alone.

As an example, in Fairview Park, 12 miles west of Cleveland, 13,342 voters were registered. 18,472 votes were cast. None of this even addresses the story we told you about last week in the town of Gahanna outside Columbus, Ohio. There in a district with just 800 voters, a voting machine added 3,893 votes to Mr. Bush‘s total.
The problems in Ohio and equally troubling ones from Florida which we'll get to presently have led to a call for an investigation by the governmental watchdog, the GAO. Representative John Conyers will join me in a moment to discuss that big picture.

It was a whole fifteen minutes of truth and the absolutely right questions. Hooray for Olbermann!

It's not surprising that there may be an explanation for the Cuyahoga descepencies but I'll be damned if I understand it.

As for Atrios and his deciding that it is foolish to even mention one example of bizzarro voting results, to at least "ask the questions" WHEN THEY ARISE - bullshit. I have never claimed that there was ironclad proof of fraud - only that people should be demanding answers - and I never emailed him to complain that his wonderful Kerry and wonderful DNC have been mute.

Monday, November 08, 2004


In Ohio precincts, as in "not credible."

Please, someone explain how these precincts had voter turnout of over 100%. 93,000+ magical extra votes in Cuyahoga County alone. HELLO OUT THERE!?!?

Call the lawyers. Time for the biggest Kerry "flip-flop" yet. He's due. Where is the outrage? Why won't Kerry fight?


The big list of this November's machine problems.


Looks like those optican counts really liked Dubya. No big conclusions but really good data.

Other crunching and details on those "revised" exit polls.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Is there anything to be gained by concession??? You won't hear the "big bloggers" throwing down because they have cushy reputations and ad revenue about which to worry. I can't blame them, they need to make a living doing what they love. However, a Marine's Girl knows when a fight is on.

I had the luxury of voting in New York. I'm so glad that I did not cast my vote for a man, no matter how good he may be in many ways, who simply would not fight when it really mattered.

As for us rising up and doing something about it - 2004 proved what 2000 merely hinted at: we are not rising up. We are not going to. We are sad but we will do nothing except make vague threats about next time. Next time we'll get them. Next time.

That has sealed it. This is what has elected Bush. It is the complacent acceptance that has elected him. Everyone, from Kerry on down, has said, "Ok, time to move on". That is Bush's real mandate. We all just rolled over, and now we're lying in pathetic little blue puddles of our despair, trying to pull ourselves up by our metaphorical bootstraps by promising ourselves that we really will show 'em next time. Meanwhile, Bush can do whatever he wants. Who's going to stop him? Not us ...

... Within a few short hours of Kerry's concession speech, the left wing focus shifted to how we will win next time. Next time. This pathetic mewl of defiance completely falls within the definition of insanity: repeating the same behavior and expecting different results. ...

... Nations do go crazy sometimes, and the progression of symptoms we've been exhibiting here in the Good Ol' USA has entered rubber room territory. We are a people in dangerous denial. Don't participate in it by accepting this insanity as your reality. Even as everyone around you buys into the comfort zone of 'next time', stay strong by never acknowledging it as your truth. Whatever else you do, for God's sake, at least see this for what it really was.


In a largely counterproductive and unpatriotic NYT article, I noticed this outrage:
"There is a feeling here that the long-line problem was a problem of disparity that fell along socioeconomic lines," Professor Foley said. "There were isolated instances of long lines here in the seven- to nine-hour range, and the common lines were two to three hours. When your line gets to two or three hours, it's system failure." ...

... "Although the turnout was not as large as the secretary of state had predicted," he said, "in quite a widespread number of precincts around the state, lines were horrendously long. At one time, one of them was estimated to be 22 hours."


Some good legwork here, tracking the truth. To any who care, make sure you don't push the story that an extra 88,000 votes magically appeared in Palm Beach County. The posted story was updated, for what that is worth, and the numbers apparently match. Just this particular story, not any others ...

Photos of suppression protests in Ohio. What patriots.


I knew we could count on him. (Let's hope)
This is mentioned because there is a small but blood-curdling set of news stories that right now exists somewhere between the world of investigative journalism, and the world of the Reynolds Wrap Hat. And while the group's ultimate home remains unclear - so might our election of just a week ago.

Stories like these have filled the web since the tide turned against John Kerry late Tuesday night. But not until Friday did they begin to spill into the more conventional news media. That's when the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that officials in Warren County, Ohio, had "locked down" its administration building to prevent anybody from observing the vote count there.

Suspicious enough on the face of it, the decision got more dubious still when County Commissioners confirmed that they were acting on the advice of their Emergency Services Director, Frank Young. Mr. Young had explained that he had been advised by the federal government to implement the measures for the sake of Homeland Security. ...

... Thus the majority of the media has yet to touch the other stories of Ohio (the amazing Bush Times Ten voting machine in Gahanna) or the sagas of Ohio South: huge margins for Bush in Florida counties in which registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans 2-1, places where the optical scanning of precinct totals seems to have turned results from perfect matches for the pro-Kerry exit poll data, to Bush sweeps.
What a great post by Keith. Can he push by his corporate check-writers? I'm betting on it.


Dave Johnson at Seeing the Forest has the right attitude, regardless of whether fraud occurred, or can be proved or disproved.

I have seen no clear evidence that the election was rigged or tampered with in the machines. I am looking at every report about suspicious results and I am am insisting on the same thing on which I have always insisted - that the elections be publically run and verified. Anyway, while the difference between prematurely crying fraud and demanding a full accounting is very important, the latter is non-negotiable.

Later today I will do my best to report incidents where good-minded people have jumped the gun on e-vote problems.


E-vote reliability must be the first and only issue for Democrats.

Also, further proof that Nader is invested in your best interests, not his own ego: he's demanding a hand recount in New Hampshire, because of reports that there were irregularities with the e-vote machines.

Typical. The guy with no chance wants the truth but the guy who was everybody's multimillion dollar champion wants to lay down under the Bush bus wheels.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


He thinks Florida optiscan vote counts were hacked. Bush won 4-1 in counties where Dems were registered 3-1. This is an essential reading. Look at the graphs.

Also take a look at these exit poll graphics.

Stolen Election 2004. A case for fraud.


If you went to the ATM and got money out, you might walk away thinking everything was fine. Meanwhile, the computer recorded a withdrawal of $5,000 and you find out two weeks later that you owe the bank money. America is now in that "two weeks of ignorance" period. Headlines that shout success are completely irresponsible. Nothing coul be more important than this.
"The machines performed extremely well," said Mark Radke, director of marketing for Diebold. -CNN
A few brave Dems don't think so:
The congressmen, Democratic members of the House of Representatives from Florida, New York and Michigan, cited a number of incidents that came to light in the days after the election. One was a glitch in Ohio that caused a memory card reader made by Danaher Controls to give George W. Bush 3,893 more votes than he should have received. Another was a problem with memory cards in North Carolina that caused machines made by UniLect to lose 4,500 votes cast on e-voting machines. The votes were lost when the number of votes cast on the machines exceeded the capacity of the memory cards.

There were also problems with machines that counted absentee ballots in Florida. Software made by Election Systems & Software began subtracting votes when totals surpassed 32,000. Officials said the problem affected only certain countywide races on one of the last pages of the ballot. Elections officials knew about the problem two years ago, but the company failed to fix the software before the election this year.

Reports from voters in Florida and Ohio also indicated that some of them had problems voting for the candidate of their choice. When they tried to vote for John Kerry, they said, the machine either wouldn't register the vote at all or would indicate on the review page that the vote was cast for Bush instead.

Friday, November 05, 2004


I have no respect for the following post-election Democratic opinions:

- That this election was "won" because of "values." This election was won because at least half of Bush supporters don't even have a grasp on the basic facts, or their candidate's stance on the issues, with which they would not agree if they did. They didn't vote in spite of all his incompetence, lies, and corruption, they voted in ignorance of them. The "Voter Fraud" exists in the media, above all.

- That we need to stop belittling backwards ass Churcher bigots. Allow me to suggest that the people who are the most annoyed and disgusted with the Churchers are the reasonable people in the Red States, who have to deal with them all the time, not those of us in the Blue States.

- That we not even consider challenging the vote count. In fact, the Dem Congress should not cooperate with anything before they demand and obtain a reliable, verified and independent public voting system, nationwide and immediate.

- That there is anything nice to say about Ronald Reagan, an embarrassing and half-senile actor who staged an illegal war by lying to Congress and who backed death squads in Latin America.

- That we continue to encourage the affirmative trashing of Ralph Nader.

- That Elizabeth Edwards needs "our prayers" or "Godspeed." She needs the best medical science she can get.

- That the word "liberal" is anything but pure poison. We are Progressives, now and forever.

- That the "War on T'rr" is in anything but a scam to further bloat the bloated and corrupt defense budget. Those in the military who mindlessly and mutely carry out murder for the NeoCon dream of forever war in the Middle East cannot be guilt-free and cannot deserve our unquestioned support. Now they are even shooting our own goddam elementary schools!


So Bush is all about the Man Date ...

Thursday, November 04, 2004


The Democrats went on an all-out misguided war against Ralph Nader. They urinated all over his character, values and ideas, most of which the Dems support, and got his vote down to next to nothing. His votes were less than 10% of the margin by which Kerry lost nationally, yet the Dems acted like little babies, projecting nothing but weakness as they ran terrified by Ralph.

Meanwhile, the Dems allowed the two alternative right wing candidates to wallow in obscurity. For the love of America, can we please throw some money to a nicely divisive right wing guy in the future and stop bashing the good guys on our own side?


If the Democrats really care more about winning than they do about pushing honest points of view, their strategy should be simple.

Move way to the right on illegal immigration. Demagogue that issue and demonize Republicans for being soft. Throw in economic and foreign policy isolationism. It would be ugly but it would probably work.
Unfortunately, Arizona was not the only state to enact anti-immigrant legislation. Even in San Francisco plenty of folks voted against according "illegal" immigrant parents voting rights in local school elections. Although the measure failed in a narrow election, it speaks volumes that in a city that supports Kerry, Senator Barbara Boxer, and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi with over 80 percent of the vote, a basic right for these parents is voted down. It's getting ugly when progressive initiatives are beat up in our own backyard.


Greg Palast makes his argument in Tom Paine. Again, I'm not reaching any conclusions yet. I just want to ask the right questions.


At the DU, SoCalDemocrat was watching the exit polls in swing states. Very interesting results. Look through the thread and note when CNN starts changing the results. Here is a comparison shot. I'm not saying anything yet. Polls are polls and they have margins of error. The pollsters say they had a computer crash that delayed an update. I'm just saying that there is something worth examining.

The media is blaming bloggers for ... for what? For promulgating exit poll results. This does nothing to explain the discrepencies.
BLITZER: Now that most of the votes have been counted, almost all of them, one question remains. Why were the exit polls so far off? Our senior political analyst Bill Schneider looking into that. Is there a simple answer?

WILLIAM SCHNEIDER (AEI), CNN SR. POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, yes. The exit polls were no less reliable, no more unreliable than usual. The early exit polls that come out during the day are always unreliable, because they're based on partial results. They're incomplete samples. As the day and night go on, the exit polls become more reliable. What happens is they get out. There's something called bloggers on the Internet and the exit poll information leaks in a way that it didn't 20 or 30 years ago. And everybody talks about it and it comes to affect the campaigns. So you have Democrats looking at it and saying oh, Kerry's two points ahead and they're preparing their resumes and Republicans are becoming forlorn based on unreliable information.

BLITZER: And those early exit polls were showing Kerry doing better in Florida for example than he eventually wound up doing, causing some consternation, some confusion out there. That's not unusual, as you correctly point out.


The temptation will be to say that Florida 2000 was stolen but this time was legitimate. It is kind of like how Clinton was stamped a liar, so Bush could not be one. America likes to pigeonhole these things.

The first reports are seeping out about what may or may not have occurred in Florida and Ohio, with regard to vote-counting. Not voter intimaidation or registration stuff. The count itself. The AP exit polls matched the results in every state but those two, and the word on the blogs is that the exit polls were altered, late night.

I'm not going to post anything until I've looked things over more thoroughly but I can say this: I never believed that the Cartel wouldn't cheat. I think Kerry should have forced every type of investigation possible. We need proof of an honest election, not the media/GOP say-so.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Listening to this makes me feel better. mp3

When Howard Dean was running for the nomination, I opposed him vehemently because I was sure he could not win. Who knows if I was right, but I still believe it was the smart thing to do.

As long as we are going to lose miserably, we need to speak out for what we actually believe. Now we have the right wing "warning" the red state Democratic Congress that they had "better get behind the Bush agenda or they are next." In a lot of ways, it does not matter if the Senate minority is 49, 44 or 14. They get pissed on just the same. They may as well tell Americans the truth.

The Kerry campaign wasn't very exciting for people like me. I don't want to hear about increasing the military and winning the war on t'rr. I don't want to support someone who panders about "faith."

I always said that Dean would lose - but I also always said, damn, it would feel good to watch the campaign.


Mark Dayton for Senate Minority Leader. Henry Waxman, Dennis Kucinich, Charlie Rangel, Shiela Jackson Lee or any other sincere progressive congressperson for House Minority Leader. We need leaders who lead - shaping opinion rather than chasing polls to confirm some idiotic majority view.

I'm glad Daschle lost. I never liked him and he got what he deserved for kissing Bush's ass. I'm not a Christian and I don't want to hear government employees talk about their destructive superstitions. The whole Bush-lite centrist Democratic contingency can go sit in the corner and suck their thumbs for two years.

I'm glad I don't have to listen to Kerry and Edwards anymore. Their empty platitudes and pandering were horrible. I didn't vote for them anyway and I never forgave them for authorizing Bush and his invasion of Iraq.
The Agonist - "Bush and Rove have proven that there is no limit to how many elections you can win when you run a campaign based on lies and fear. If these are moral values, well, Bush can shove them up his ass.

And if you don't like what I just said, tough. It needs saying.

He's not my president and never will be.

Kurt Nimmo - It's time to place the blame for this "election" fiasco squarely on the shoulders of the American people, who voted for an obvious liar and war criminal. ... Either the people of Ohio are too stupid to realize what the "re-election" of Bush portends, or they are all wearing "Please Kick Me" signs on their backs.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote
Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote
Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote
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Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote
Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote
Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote Get Out The Vote

They got the guns but we got the numbers. Brace for the Worst and Believe in the Best.

No long lines at the East Harlem Damfacratic polling place at 10:00. Lots of good voter rights info. Lots of smiling voters.

(Flag taken from TCS)


In Ohio, some folks said they never recieved their absentee ballot. They went to the polling place today and were barred from any kind of vote, including provisional ballots. Well, the Dems went right to the court and got an order - give them provisional ballots! Sweet.


As some may have noticed, we banished "liberal" Kevin Drum from the Damfaroll of blogs long ago.

Today, the Daily Howler reads Drum's piece in the NYT and absolutely slams him. For good reason. With friends like these ...
But if Kevin re-watched that first debate, there's something he clearly wouldn't see. Clearly, he wouldn't see Gore "periodically cross the stage to loom over Mr. Bush like an impatient schoolmarm." He wouldn't see Gore do this "periodically" - and he wouldn't see Gore do this at all! In fact, neither candidate left his podium at any point during Debate I, neither Gore nor his rival, Bush. In this blatantly false assertion, Drum seems to be embellishing a single incident from Debate 3 (the "town hall" debate), in which worried pundits became deeply disturbed when Gore walked a bit too close to Bush. But this happened once, not periodically, and it didn't happen at that first debate at all. In this morning's paper, Drum, a "liberal," concocts a new, wild tale about Bungler Gore - and the New York Times happily prints it.


Newsweek's Jonathan Alter quoted Bush about being "young and irresponsible" and then wondered whether young voters would vote or "go smoke a doobie." O'Reilly said: "Are they gonna leave the bong and stand in line for an hour?"

Geez, Alter has cancer. OK, we wish him all the best health and a long life.


Litttle doubt remains as to whether someone put an envelope of compromising photos under this man's door. All Tom Brokaw does is spout enRNoC talking points.

As for CBS Schieffer, who was also chatting with that shallow and reckless pop-minded dolt, Imus, he made sure to flog the idea that Kerry "must win" Pennsylvania because it is "mathematically" next to impossible for him to win without it. Then he says the same is true with Bush and Ohio.

The inaccuracies in regard to the electoral college are one of the most shameful part of the media coverage. It's like they just invent this stuff.

Sure, Kerry needs Pennsylvania, but look at the map. If every other state stays the same as 2000, Kerry can get to 270 just by winning NH and Florida, even if he gives up Pennsylvania. We won't even bother with the Ohio comment.

Monday, November 01, 2004


Well, Paula Zahn's "town hall" show was bearable for about 90 seconds. "Too much negative campaign ads." "Too many lies by both sides." Some idiot stood up and said there should be a constitutional amendment dictating that a candidate can only talk about what they are going to to and not say anything about the other candidate. Much smiling and applause.

Maybe there should be a constitutional amendment that says if you are still undecided in this type of election situation, you need to spend one full year in a crib with a baby's bottle as your only nourishment.


Village Voice:
Sarah Natchez, an election volunteer in Florida with Emily's List, has personally spoken with several voters, and knows of a total of 10 at three different polling places in Palm Beach County, who have experienced the same electronic voting machine problem. They choose Kerry, go through all the voting screens, and when they get to the final review screen, it reads "George W. Bush." In at least one case the poll worker told a voter, Suzanne Goldstein, it was a "screen error" and not to worry about it. "It's really shocking, really shocking," Goldstein said. "Especially encouraging me to go ahead and vote anyway. It's like if you got $100 out at the ATM and the slip said you got out $1000. This is a serious problem."


Old Fashioned Patriot noticed that Bush was forced to drop a song that he never obtained the right to use. Thief.


Kerry will win the presidency 289-249, without Florida. He will keep all the Gore states and pick up NV, NH and OH. Two months after the election, the story will break that the machines in Florida were rigged and Kerry actually won the state. Jeb! will be insulated but paper receipts will become the norm throughout the nation.

The Dems will not win back the Senate. Winners: Daschle (SD), Knowles (AK), Obama (IL), Salazar (CO) , John (LA runoff). Castor will lose Florida in the tainted machine scandal but nothing will happen about it. The Dems will pick up a few seats in the House and narrow the 25 seat GOP majority.

So, while bracing for some crazy disappointment, that is how the Damfacrats see it.


Busey and Bush animation.


The Whiskey Bar.


I know there are plenty of smart bloggers from Philadelphia, who understand the feeling on the ground better than I do. Having said that, allow me to explain why John Kerry will win Pennsylvania and any other states he needs to win this election. The under-25 crowd is going to vote like America has never seen.

In the neighborhoods of Philadelphia, you cannot drive more than a block or two without seeing a Kerry sign. Some blocks have Kerry signs on every other row house. In the University neighborhood, college kids staggered around drunk in Halloween garb. Everything about them was typical and youthful - except the Kerry stickers plastered to their bodies in an absurd and abrupt contrast.

I was told a story about a conversation that went around a bit.

"Who's the Bush guy?"

"Yeah who's that guy with the Bush sign"

"He has a Bush sign and a huge American flag. He's like some skinhead punk dude."


The Bush guy. That guy. There is, like, one guy.

Now, I realize that there are many other Bush supporters in Philadelphia and all over the state. I spent a lot of time in the "GOP" collar counties, trying to push a great Congressional candidate, Lois Murphy, and squeezing a few more Kerry voters to make sure they vote.

To me, the Bush cult is on the verge of irrelevance. The young people know what to do and they are going to do it. It is, dare I say it, the cool thing to do. Bars, busineses, cars, even LaRouchians, all demanding, hammering, reminding, nudging, awakening the change. Coming into Philly on the regional train system, I saw a gigantic building with a massive scrolling lighted message. I don't even remember what it said, something generic about voting on Tuesday, but what I feel like it said was "you are all going to vote and you will all change the world."

All the lies, the posturing, the embarrassments, the dull stupidity of death and injury, the screw-ups, the corruption, the screaming corporate control - it's all going to take a big hit to the gut and it cannot survive the feeling I felt on the ground in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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