George W. Bush scribbled on American flags at a rally in Michigan, July, 2003.


Saturday, October 30, 2004


Just a note to say hey from the 6th Congressional District race. Outer Philly area. Murphy is a great candidate and her opponent is a slumped one term incumbant.

It was great to see all the Kerry voters and signs and GOTV people on the streets. Knocked on a lot of doors today. People are great. One woman said "my vote is my own" and got all defensive. Whatever that means. We know where her vote is going.


Returning Sunday night to discuss as follows: which Omen movie was the best?

What Bush imagines victory looks like: grabbing WI, NM, losing OH, NH. 269-269. Dreams that he might lose WI but reach 272 with Hawaii.

What Kerry imagines victory looks like: losing IA, NM, grabbing OH, NH. 272-266. Dreams that he will give up only NM and take Florida. 306 -232

Finally, thru MyDD, we find the inevitable RNC pamphlet, grossly exploiting 9/11, as we all knew they would.

Friday, October 29, 2004




Townhall - "Osama is Dead Already" - R. Emmett Tyrrell, July 2002

Instapundit - "Personally, I think this is evidence that Osama is dead" February, 2003

Ann Coulter - "Osama Bin Laden has been dead since we hit Tora Bora" Oct 10, 2004

PS: It is particularly disgusting that Bush has been quoting post-9/11 Kerry's praise about Afghanistan and throwing it back in his face. It's no wonder the country is so divided, if Bush is going to use his tiny window of unity to piss on those who were willing to extend a hand.
Before Senator Kerry got into political difficulty and revised his views, he saw our actions in Tora Bora differently. In the fall of 2001, on national TV, he said -- quote -- "I think we have been doing this pretty effectively and we should continue to do it that way." He went on to talk about Tora Bora. The Senator said this: "I think we have been smart. I think the administration leadership has done it well, and we are on the right track." All I can say to this is, I am George W. Bush and I approve of that message. (Applause.)


He sucks. After watching his missing explosives al qa qaa coverage, scratch him off the list of hopefully decent Republicans. Chump.


Kerry was fine at the airport but he said "whatever it takes." Too Bushesque.

Bush used the Damfacrats line, kinda, at the airport ... " "Let me make this very clear," Bush said in Toledo, Ohio, standing next to Air Force One. "Americans will not be intimated or influenced by an enemy of our country. I'm sure Senator Kerry agrees with this." ... must mean Bush is the one who feels defensive!

Damfacrats, July 31:

My friends, there has been a lot of talk about a terrorist attack near the election. Some say that terrorists want to influence the election. Some speculate that people might vote for me out of pain and anger, or for President Bush, to show support for our leader. Well, let me say right now, no one should allow a terrorist to change the way they vote.

If, God forbid, an attack does occur between now and November, I ask every American to pledge that their vote will not be influencd. Don't get me wrong - we will all rally around our commander-in-chief in the face of tragedy. But America must send the message to the terrorists, right now: you cannot influence our vote by killing. You will not win anything with violence. You will not succeed because America will not let you. Democracy cannot fail.

So, as I call for every American to stand fast against the terrorists, to uphold Democracy, I call on President Bush to join me in this call. I am asking the President to reject the notion of terrorist influence by instructing the nation, if the worst does happen, to vote exactly as they would if an attack never happened. He can tell the world and the country, just as I am saying now, "I don't want any vote that a terrorist would give me."


The first Bush cronie is on CNN to talk about the video and she is very upset. When asked about Osama's Pet Goat reference, she said "Michael Moore gives aid and comfort to the enemy." She looked really psychotic.

They seem to have decided that their angle will be "Kerry wants to exploit this video" by saying it's a reminder that Bush never caught Osama. That's an argument we can live with, but it will probably be followed soon by some kind of crazy "Osama is for Kerry" theme.

Atrios and Josh have comments.


That's what Kerry says.

"Osama video" surfaces. Wake up America - if it's real, it means Bush has let him go, unpunished. Did Osama do it? He says he did, in the tape. Is he marginalized? Yes or no, there is, perhaps, deterrence ... but no revenge. Bush failed.
"If Bush says we hate freedom, let him tell us why we didn't attack Sweden, for example. It is known that those who hate freedom do not have dignified souls, like those of the 19 blessed ones," he said, referring to the 19 hijackers.

"We fought you because we are free .. and want to regain freedom for our nation. As you undermine our security we undermine yours."
Aljazeera will post the whole video with translation soon.


This Times report on early voting does not answer a nagging question: if lines are stretched down the block now, and maybe 10-15% of people have voted, how are all the rmaining pople going to be able to vote on election day? Do they open more polling places on Nov. 2? They'd better.

Helpful commentators at Atrios say that most places feature a dramatic increase in polling places on e-day. OK. Also, at least some states allow every single person waiting in line to vote, even at the time polls close. That's good to know.


The Pentagon spokesliar created a big stir today with a press conference that said and proved nothing about the missing explosives thing. Some soldier destroyed some ammunition but they don't know what it was or exactly where.

Dirita has these hand gestures that are just like Rummy's. Spooky.


Even Justice Thomas is guilty of the classic Republican argument: "there are only two alternatives - what I did or a competely absurd and unrelated choice."
"What are you supposed to do when somebody brings a lawsuit?" Thomas asked University of Kansas law students. "You hear people say the Supreme Court jumped into the last election. I find it very ironic that the very people saying judges are interfering are bringing lawsuits."

"What do you think? Donald Duck is going to decide it?"

Thursday, October 28, 2004


This video made me laugh out loud. With all due respect to Jack Cloonan, former FBI agent who says he thinks it is real, did some teenager make it in his bedroom? No wonder ABC did not want to run it and no wonder the CIA says they "can't be sure" it's real. Drudge ran a huge headline claiming the CIA authenticated it and the insta-minions were fooled - temporarily -

FURTHER UPDATE: A source at a news organisation emails the following:

A CIA spokesperson whom I spoke to mere moments ago was very adamant in saying the ABC terror tape has ``not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not yet been authenticated.'' Thought you might like to know because, thanks to Drudge, a lot of people are getting this wrong.
Ha ha. Boo, ya scared me! I don't car what Prof. Lampe says (ABC report), this t'rr guy's "accent" is as American as baseball!

The Freepers are mocking it too, in their latent homoerotic way. They think it's a conspiracy to scare people from Bush but they can't get their theory straight - they also want to believe ABC withheld it to avoid scaring people to Bush. This is tooo funny. Now it seem like no one can decide who they think t'rr helps.

Atrios is playing it rational, perhaps pretending that he thinks Americans will be reminded of how unsafe Bush has made them. I don't think they will. I think that if this was played in full like a real, confirmed, dramatic news story, voters would run for Bush out of fear and defiance to the phony Bush-hating in the video. I think that is why Fox and Drudge are pushing it.

Granted, if the Big One hits tomorrow, I won't be laughing. Then again, so what? If there is an attack this weekend, anyone who reads this blog will know who I think is responsible. Then again, who knows? The point is that fake or real, this government has lost all trust about anything they say.

I realize that the guy "speaks Arabic" at some point but it's not on the clips Fox showed.
He speaks both Arabic and English with an international accent that is hard to characterize, an intelligence official said.
Ha! Yeah, because it sounds like some kid trying to fake the accent.

In the Fox report, they name some guy from Cali as a suspect:

Some U.S. officials speculated (video: "one theory is") that the voice might belong to Adam Yahiye Gadahn, a 25-year-old Southern Californian fingered by the FBI for possible ties to Al Qaeda. Gadahn also goes by the names Adam Pearlman and Abu Suhayb Al-Amriki.

In May, the FBI announced that Gadahn had ties with senior Al Qaeda lieutenant Abu Zubaydah in Pakistan, and that he had attended terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and served as a translator for the terror network.

ABC already said gov't officials confirmed the voice does not match.
U.S. officials believe there are several Americans working with al Qaeda, including Adam Gadahn, a former Southern California student who is wanted for questioning by the FBI. U.S. intelligence officials say the voice on the tape does not match Gadahn's or that of any Americans suspected of being part of al Qaeda.


April 18, 2003, imbeds film Al Qa Qaa bunker with lots of explosive goodies and IAEA seals. Experts say looks like the stuff. This means the GOP flailers are completely sunk on the majority of their "theories." Soldiers broke in and didn't lock up when they left.

Guess they'll "say anything to get elected."


Bush campaign doctors photo. Busted over at Kos. All over the news. Re-editing. Who takes responsibility?
"There was no need to do that," said Mark McKinnon, head of Bush's advertising team who shouldered the blame. "Everyone technically works for me so I accept the responsibility."

"I didn't even know it was done," he said. The doctoring was first revealed on an Internet site. "There was no intention on anybody's part to try to represent anything that wasn't true," McKinnon said
How does that one go? "I'm George Bush and I Approve this Message" Good thing we have those new campaign laws.


Started an investigation of Halliburton no-bid contracts.


Thru Sludge, we find the announcement. No wrongdoing by anyone and confidential amount.

Poor Olbermann, the tapes are gone. So much for the blowhard's vow to fight.

Speaking of tapes, this looks like an aborted phony October Surprise to rack up the t'rr fear and "prove" that t'rr is for Kerry.

100,000 DEATHS

(UPDATED) A newly released survey in Iraq indicates that about 100,000 extra people have died since the U.S. invasion of Iraq began. How does one react to this? Even if the number is only half that, it still doubles, even quadruples most previously released estimates. Wolf Blitzer gave it two sentences of coverage.

This study does not factor the concept of Iraqi "military" deaths or separate "civilians." The War Floggers are bound to try and spin this number south by talking about the size of Saddam's army and postulating that a good 70,000 were killed in the initial shock and awe, with some 25,000 insurgents killed. This seems unlikely, given the way the Iraqi army melted into the population and the fact the insurgents allegedly number near 20,000 only now. In any event, the number is meant to be a low estimate and any significant fraction of it, "military" or "civilian," is tragic blood on the Cartel's hands.
To conduct the survey, investigators visited 33 neighborhoods spread evenly across the country in September, randomly selecting clusters of 30 households to sample. Of the 988 households visited, 808, consisting of 7,868 people, agreed to participate. Each group At each one they asked how many people lived in the home and how many births and deaths there had been since January 2002.

The scientists then compared death rates in the 15 months before the invasion with those that occurred during the 18 months after the attack and adjusted those numbers to account for the different time periods.

Even though the sample size appears small, this type of survey is considered accurate and acceptable by scientists and was used to calculate war deaths in Kosovo in the late 1990s. ...

... Even with Fallujah factored out, the survey "indicates that the death toll associated with the invasion and occupation of Iraq is more likely than not about 100,000 people, and may be much higher," the report said.

The most common causes of death before the invasion of Iraq were heart attacks, strokes and other chronic diseases. However, after the invasion, violence was recorded as the primary cause of death and was mainly attributed to coalition forces - with about 95 percent of those deaths caused by bombs or fire from helicopter gunships.


What happened in New Mexico following the thrid debate? The polls looked fine for Kerry through October 18. Zogby went from 53/44 Kerry to 49/44 Bush in less than a week.

What did they not like in New Mexico? We suspect it was something religious, given the number of Hispanic Catholics there, but it wasn't Kerry that said the truly damaging words:

SCHIEFFER: The New York Times reports that some Catholic archbishops are telling their church members that it would be a sin to vote for a candidate like you because you support a woman's right to choose an abortion and unlimited stem-cell research.

What is your reaction to that?

KERRY: I respect their views. I completely respect their views. I am a Catholic. And I grew up learning how to respect those views. But I disagree with them, as do many.

Apparently, about 75% of U.S. Hispanics are Catholic and New Mexico is 40% Hispanic. "Una pecada." Thanks a lot for that stupid question, Schieffer.


As we said, it has begun. Some guy drove his car at Katherine Harris. Now this:
WEST PALM BEACH – An 18-year-old Marine recruit remained in jail on Wednesday, charged with threatening to stab his girlfriend over her choice for president, news partner NewsChannel 5 reported in its noon broadcast.

The enlistee, Steven Scott Soper, of Lake Worth, became enraged Tuesday night when his 18-year-old girlfriend said she was leaving him -- and voting for John Kerry for president.
It has begun.


The Redskins have a history of predicting the winner based on whether they win the last home game before the election.

Oliver Willis must be pretty conflicted about this but we haven't seen anything on his site.

UPDATE: Seems August J. had similar thoughts and OW got around to addressing it.


Matthews is apparently stunned over the poll showing how deluded Bush supporters are. Is Matthews corrupt, lazy, stupid or all three? He still downplayed the magnitude of the true numbers but check out the exchange, and especially what Ron Reagan says:
MATTHEWS: ... if voters are going into the booth next Tuesday or have already voted for the president and the vice president based upon their belief that there was a strong functioning relationship between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein in terms of obviously 9/11, and that there's a clear-cut case that there was WMD in that country at the time we went in, then we in the news business have not done the job with half the country. They still have misinformation. ...

NEWSWEEK'S THOMAS: Look, I think there is a liberal bias in the press, and I think "The New York Times" has one. But I doubt strongly that they were waiting for the great moment to drop this one on top of the White House. I think it was just - it was timed by - by when they got the story and when they could run it.

MATTHEWS: John Fund, Is that your belief?

FUND (WSJ PRICK): I don't think there are such accidents, comrade. ...

RON REAGAN: Well, let me give you an example of what isn't a liberal bias in the media. I would maintain that there has been a double standard here. And it works to President Bush's advantage.

In the last week or two, we've heard about how both sides are using scare tactics in this campaign. Kerry is talking about a potential draft and that Social Security might go away. And these politicians are doing what politicians do. But there is a difference.

George Bush is also going around the country and he is saying that John Kerry says - not that he believes, but that John Kerry says he will not defend America until we're attacked and only then with the permission of our foreign allies. Now, there's a word for that. And it is not hyperbole and it's not exaggeration. It is lying. Eric Alterman in "Newsweek" magazine had it exactly right this week.

Now, let me repeat that. George W. Bush, when he says that about John Kerry, is lying. Now, how many people in the press are willing to say that?


TIme to move off that issue. The danger is that all other incompetence will be overlooked. All Kerry has to say now is this:

"People, whether or not you believe the excuses the administration provides for the missing explosives, they can't excuse away their record of incompetence. They can't excuse away too few troops, failed intelligence, disbanding the Iraqi army, insufficient body and HumV armor, failure to secure nuclear waste, Abu Graib torture, Halliburton corruption, their failed diplomacy and their rush to war. They don't want to be held accountable but you, the voters, will hold them accountable."


Some woman wrote the Washington Post last week to whine about a comic strip featuring Bush flipping the bird to Kerry during the debate. They printed it. In light of this new video, I wonder how she feels this week?
Imagine my surprise over my Saturday morning coffee when my 6-year old son said, "Uh-oh, President Bush is in trouble!" "Why?" I asked. "Because," he answered, "he's doing that finger thing that you say is a bad thing to do." That's when I went to the comics and read Aaron McGruder's strip, which intimated that the president "flipped the bird" at Sen. John Kerry during the first debate. ...

... My parents taught me that people resort to profanity because they're too dumb to express their ideas intelligently in English. I guess we know where Aaron McGruder stands on that spectrum.

Armed men kidnapped three foreign election workers as they drove in a white sports utility vehicle in the Afghan capital on Thursday, the United Nations and Afghan officials said. ...

... Afghanistan remains a largely lawless country in the grip of warlord militias, despite the presence of thousands of American troops and other foreign soldiers under NATO command. About 1,000 people have died in political violence so far this year, including more than 30 American soldiers.


As Josh has monitored so well, the Shrub minions have been flailing about for some plausible excuse for the missing explosives.

It was "Saddam moved them," "we didn't know it was gone until last week," "no big deal anyway," "it's the new Iraqi government's fault," "hey, look at all the other stuff we secured," "not Bush's fault, specifically," "nothing is proven," "would you rather Saddam had them still?," "shut up about our troops," "hindsight is 20/20," "Kerry is grabbing headlines," "it's a left wing media conspiracy" "the Russians did it," "hey, Iraq is dangerous," "it's the IAEA's fault," "no way 40 trucks took it all away after we showed up and no way any lesser amount could have been moved in increments," "guess there were WMD there after all," "lots more explosives where that came from." These are only some of the excuses that they have actually used (seriously).

Check out the Times article on witnesses.
The Iraqis described an orgy of theft so extensive that enterprising residents rented their trucks to looters. But some looting was clearly indiscriminate, with people grabbing anything they could find and later heaving unwanted items off the trucks. ...

... the accounts make clear that what set off much if not all of the looting was the arrival and swift departure of American troops, who did not secure the site after inducing the Iraqi forces to abandon it.


Dear MoDo: It's just "Wolfen," not "The Wolfen."

Dear MoDo: It's "Jason," not "Freddy Krueger."


This must be why the curse was finally broken. On September 2:

But on a night when the moon was nearly full, when the Sox continued their epic surge, and when the Yankees suffered the most lopsided defeat in the history of the storied franchise, Ramirez [who hit a foul into the stands] may have unwittingly done what countless others have failed to do before him. He may well have broken the curse under which the team has labored since Ruth was sold to the Yankees in 1919.

A 16-year-old boy stood up in Section 9, Box 95, Row AA, with hopes of catching the ball. But he wasn't just any teenager. No, this was Lee Gavin, who has lived his entire life in a rambling farmhouse on Dutton Road in Sudbury that is best known to anyone west of Boston as the house where Babe Ruth lived.

On this last night of August, Gavin, a right fielder on his summer league team, positioned himself in the aisle, raised his arms in anticipation of catching his first-ever ball at Fenway Park, and BAM! The ball sliced through his hands and hit him square in the face. The impact punctured his top lip and knocked his two front teeth into a deepening pool of blood on the cement ground.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Best version here but long download.

Other versions here, here, here.

This is a call for massive vote mobilization and the end of the Bush regime.

Great eminem video. When first we heard of it, it was all like, eminem, whatever. No. Go watch it, it's sick.


The telescreen is reporting today that Bush is "making an effort to reach out to Democrats and independents."

Except for those that show up at his rally with a "protect civil liberites" shirt. Those he has dragged away.

Bush is actually invoking the name of John Kennedy now. Is that the same speech where he ridicules his younger brother Ted? This is desperation.


Here's a new one. George W. Bush busted giving his "one-fingered victory salute."

Let's see if CNN runs it.

Thru Atrios.


"We're seeing this White House dodging and bobbing and weaving ... just as they've done each step of the way in our involvement in Iraq," Kerry said. "Vice President (Dick) Cheney, who is becoming the Chief Minister of Disinformation, echoed that it's not the administration's fault."


Katherine Harris is suck a ugly blot on the earth that someone decided to drive his car at her, swerving away at the last second. He was arrested. It has begun.


October surprise? A Syracuse professor comments on the Cornell study we have previously referenced, showing Bush's poll numbers increase an average of 2.75 points after the t'rr alert:
"There's no surprise that there's a rally-round-the-president effect when the nation is alarmed," said Rogan Kersh, a professor of American politics and elections at Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship who read the study.

"Most politicians probably know it to be true and use that information judiciously ... the danger is that it turns into a cry-wolf effect," Kersh said. "There's already a great deal of cynicism, suspicion and jadedness about the motives of politicians. At some stage, you reach a tipping point."

Kersh noted that a Time Magazine poll in August showed that nearly four in 10 Americans believed the Bush administration would use terrorism alerts for political reasons.


Paula Zahn's show is, and was last night in particular, a complete farce:

Last night, her opening segment featured a debate, between the CPA propaganda meister and Jamie Rubin, about the explosives story, wherein one party could not hear the other:
I want to bring Jamie into the discussion. He's at a distinct disadvantage, because he hasn't been able to hear anything, Dan, you've said. ... I guess I get to speak for Jamie now, because he can't hear a darn word you're saying ... And, Jamie, I apologize that you were only able to hear me. I hope you weren't fibbing and you really could hear him and you didn't want to hear what he had to say tonight.
Then she runs a Limbaugh comment without any rebuttal:
ZAHN: And here is the take on the missing explosives from talk radio's Rush Limbaugh.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, HOST: It seems that "The New York Times" is the daily talking points for the Kerry campaign. Anyway, whatever's on their front page ends up being what Kerry talks about on a given day. He called it one of the greatest blunders of Iraq. He trashed Bush for failing to guard a pile of explosives, and, by implication, he trashed our military that he so fondly supports. These are the people that support the troops, folks.


ZAHN: And just ahead on PRIME TIME POLITICS, the campaigns and national security.


This guy is so unbelievably out of touch. Daily Howler has words about it and it's worth reading the whole thing in the NYT. Kristoff ultimately warns people away from Bush but his editorial is an amazing absurdity:
The current president's hyped version of the incident reflects his casual relationship with truth. Like President Ronald Reagan, reality to him is not about facts, but about higher meta-truths: Mom and Dad are loving grandparents, Saddam Hussein is an evil man, and so on. To clarify those overarching realities, Mr. Bush harnesses "facts," both true and false.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Look what floated to the surface:
The U.S. Army has taken action against Lt. Gen. William Boykin, who embarrassed the Bush administration by giving speeches in which he described the war on terrorism as a Christian battle against Satan.

Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Richard Cody declined to give any details of the action taken in response to Boykin's remarks, which violated Pentagon rules, but said it was not "significant."

"I took the appropriate action based on the recommendations of the Inspector General," Cody told Reuters while attending the annual meeting of the Association of the U.S. Army.

He did not say when the action was taken.

"If it was something significant, it would be something we would talk about. So that should give you an indication," Cody said.
Doesn't sound too harsh, to say the least. Commander Christian must really be running to the middle in a panic. He thinks this will help him with Arab voters?

Then there is this, from a pretty good AP article on the missing explosives. Maybe it will stop the whining by wingers about the bogus NBC (and CNN) reports that the weapons were moved before the invasion:
Lt. Gen. William Boykin, the Pentagon's deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence, said that on May 27, 2003, a U.S. military team specifically looking for weapons went to the site but did not find anything with IAEA stickers on it.

The Pentagon would not say whether it had informed the IAEA that the conventional explosives were not where they were supposed to be. Boykin said that the Pentagon was investigating whether the information was handed on to anyone else at the time.


Here's CNN's inane article about the "split-down-the-middle" controversy of electronic voting. It mentions nothing about paper receipts, even when it mentions Nevada's success, where they do use receipts - except in the caption to the photo.

True, CNN has discussed it before, but this is one week away from the big day. Without a receipt, checked by the voter before storage, there is no way to confirm the internal numbers from the machine.

The following passage can only be described as "Nedra-ish" (the AP writer famous for bogus contrasts)
'I love the machines'
And while some computer scientists have raised serious questions about possible fraud and hacking of the machines, many users have quickly accepted their ease of use.
What?!?. CNN's author, Marsha Walton, includes "paper" a few times when referring to "old methods" that used paper in some way.

"Technology, we hope, is for the best today. It's better than writing a name on a piece of paper. I'll have to go with the technology," he says.
Was this a common method? Writing names on paper? Not in New York, anyway.

"I love the machines. They're very convenient," says Joyce Hicks, also casting an early general election vote in Nevada.
That's nifty. Especially because Nevada actually has receipts.

And while Internet voting may be a decade or more away, there could be other options.
Yah. Like getting a receipt. This kind of "report" is beyond maddening.


The telescreen has been repeatedly referring to an "October Surprise" as an event that happens late and changes the election. The bobbleheads call it "folklore." Nonsense. An October Surprise is a deliberately timed stunt or release of information. It happens all the time and is not some kind of "lore."

They are now talking about Rehnquist's illness as an "October Surprise." At best, it's an "October Reminder," because there is no new information about what might happen with judges next term. Doesn't anyone see how morbid it is to harp about this issue while the man is so ill? Regardless, the doctors are saying that he will return to work soon, so it's not like he is on his deathbed. Finally, just because one or two new judges might be installed does not mean that there is a good chance Roe will be overturned. That's not done lightly under the Stare Decisis rule.


Raven reports:
And not many people watched anyway, despite all the scrapping and back-and-forthing leading up to Friday's airing. According to Nielsen overnights for the 15 biggest markets where "A POW Story" aired, the show averaged a mere 2.9 household rating and 5 share.

Spurred by Democrats signing a petition in an attempt to stop Sinclair Broadcasting Group from airing its anti-John Kerry programming, became the fastest-growing site of the week among at-home users for the week ended Oct. 17 according to Nielsen//NetRatings. The site increased its traffic by 91 percent to 574,000 unique at-home visitors. About 43 percent of those visited a page called "Take Action: Stop the Right-Wing Smears Against John Kerry." The site also showed large growth among at-work visitors, claiming the No. 2 spot among fastest-growing sites while increasing traffic 80 percent to 1.1 million unique at-work visitors. About 41 percent of those visitors took a look at the petition page.


Preznit Chosen One must be changing his strategery. In the GMA interview, he said he supports states allowing civil unions for homosexuals and broke with a fundamental belief among born-againers.

In today's segment, Gibson also asked if terrorist leaders Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab Zarqawi "pray to the same god you and I do."

"I think they pray to a false god," Bush said. "Otherwise they wouldn't be killing innocent lives like they have been."

Gibson: "Do Christians and nonchristians and Muslims go to heaven in your mind?"

Bush: "Yes, they do. We have different routes of getting there. But I will -- I want you to understand, I want your listeners to understand, I don't get to decide who goes to heaven. The almighty God decides who goes to heaven. I am on my personal walk."

If killing innocents means they pray to a false god, how does Bush explain to his god about dead Iraqi civilians?

Thankfully, Bush explained to confused listeners that he does not decide who goes to heaven. Good thing he cleared up that heated debate. Sadly, he does decide who gets an early shot at heaven, by sending thousands to their deaths.


MyDD hs two great posts. One confirms what everyone knows, that the Gallup poll is fucked, this time in regard to Florida. GOP/Dem sample: 44/36. 2000 stats: 38/40.

The other post shows how Enron Ed wants us to believe that newspapers endorse Kerry becasue of "liberal bias." In fact, since 1940, no Democratic candidate has ever won a majority of endorsements.


He can't even keep this lie straight. His people had gotten the tailor to claim that the jacket had a "pucker." Also, what is this hunting dog simile? Do hunting dogs get attached to buzzers? Is Bush straining to reference a Pavlov dog? (UPDATE: The more rustic Raven says that hunters use a shock collar to train dogs)
"I don't know what that is," Bush said. "I mean, it is - I'm embarrassed to say it's a poorly tailored shirt."

Bush said there was no sound system or electrical signal. "I guess the assumption was that if I were straying off course they would ... kind of like a hunting dog, they would punch a buzzer and I would jerk back into place," Bush said. "That's just absurd."


We don't believe this 'Zarqawi associate killed' story. At all. However, as with many Cartel lies, even if true, does it make any strategic sense? One would think that the U.S. would want to grab this guy alive and get some info from him.

In related news, Allawi, of all people, slammed the U.S. for "major neglect," in regard to the massacre of the 50 Iraqi troops. Something must have made Allawi mad - perhaps lies about who did the killing?

Finally, the Pentagon is asking for another 70 billion dollars to finance the ongoing tragedy in Iraq.


Laugher of the night. Whiffleball Matthews had his brother, a GOP pol, on his show:

C. MATTHEWS: What is Barbara Bush's attitude towards the media coverage of the campaign? You said you were talking to her about HARDBALL. I need to know this. What did Mrs. Bush say about this show, anything?

J. MATTHEWS: She said, it is extremely difficult to sit and watch your son being criticized. And she feels unduly - and this is not just you. This is everybody. And she feels it is so personalized.

And the one thing I hear repeatedly anymore on the airwaves and just thrown around loosely is that George Bush lied to the American people. And that hurts, because he is not capable of lying. He is a real genuine individual. He is a chip off the old block from his father.


We always thought that the gaping hole in Bush's Libya bragging was the fact that Libya was scraping and bowing for crumbs at the table of legitimacy long before it was supposedly intiimidated by the Iraq war into mending its ways.

The Ignatius column in the Washington Post discusses yet another blight on the administration's pretty Libyan face. Apparently, at exactly the time Gaddafi was rolling over to have his belly scratched by oil companies given the U.S. green light, he was financing an assassination attempt on the Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah.

Now Gaddafi has free reign because it's Forgive and Forget. The two faces of Bush.


Josh has been doing a great job watching the story unfold. Still, an email was sent to ask why he though this crap Sanger NYT article had any value. All it does is report WH lies, unchallenged. (UPDATE: Josh notes he read an earlier version)

The WH is all over the map about two issues: 1) when was the stuff removed? 2) when did they find out it was gone?

1. They claim that maybe the stuff was removed before the invasion, even though the report from the WH in the initial Times article clearly confirmed the stuff was moved after the invasion began. An official is also quoted by the AP saying that it was found and noted just after the invasion.
At the Pentagon, an official who monitors developments in Iraq said US-led coalition troops had searched Al-Qaqaa in the immediate aftermath of the March 2003 invasion and confirmed that the explosives, which had been under IAEA seal since 1991, were intact. Thereafter the site was not secured by U.S. forces, the official said, also speaking on condition of anonymity.
2. They claim they only learned that the stuff went missing 10 days ago. Even if true, this means that they scoured the country for WMD like idiots for 18 months and somehow never realized that 380,000 lbs of explosives weren't where they were supposed to be. Thus, another aspect of this is that it's just another example of the dangerous obsession with unconventional weapons. Conventional weapons just aren't sexy, so why bother securing them? Because they cause mass destruction just as effctively.

Monday, October 25, 2004


Link to the whole complaint. Thru Photon Theory. Here's the caption, it reads like poetry:




Jim Bunning (R) is loosing his mind, literally, and the local newspapers have turned against him. He refused to debate in person and then got busted using a teleprompter. Also:
First, he compared Mongiardo's appearance to one of Saddam Hussein's sons. Then he made an unsubstantiated claim that opposition staffers beat his wife "black and blue" at a political picnic. Most recently, he admitted he wasn't aware that a group of Army reservists had refused a convoy mission in Iraq, saying he watches only Fox News for information and hasn't read a newspaper in six weeks.


The Washington Post/ABC tracking poll just tipped to Kerry, 49/48.

The Rassmussen tracker just tipped to Kerry, 48/46.

The Gallup Poll, sick and silly, sampled an even higher number of GOP than it's last slanted effort. The result - more Republicans asked and the poll went from 52/44 (joke) to 51/46 (joke).

We must hope that the polls in Iowa and Wisconsin don't reflect the outcome. If Kerry loses those 17 Gore EV's, he'll need 27 pick-ups, so just OH and NH won't cut it. Colorado and Arkansas are newly in play.

Check the Race 2004 site. Looks OK for now.


When the Smirker need someone to lie on cue, up pops Guiliani:
"We can take a chance in going back to where we were before Sept. 11, 2001, with someone who can't seem to make up his mind whether terrorism is serious or a nuisance," Giuliani said.

100,000 +

CNN just reported that the Philly Fire Dept. estimated betwen 100-120 thousand people showed up to the Clinton/Kerry rally.

How did CNN report it when it was happening? "Hundreds and hundreds."


The CNN telescreen is conveniently freaking out about this news just as the Blitzer report begins.

Wolf admitted that his hospital visit was already reported on Friday and that The Court says he will be back in action soon.

All due respect for the Chief Judge, CNN is now going into 30+ minutes on this story.

Funny how the telescreen makes such a big deal of this just as the big story should be the Cartel's failure to secure 350 tons of explosives in Iraq combined with their cover-up of their blunder. Strange how this story favors the GOP, because it dredges the "culture of life" issue to the surface. What a joke CNN is.


Sorry about these WND links but ...

Asked when he knew of the bogus nature of th Niger Uranium documents, Rummy testified before Congress: "Oh, within recent days, since the information started becoming available,"

Then he changed his story, claiming he "misspoke" - "I should have said within recent weeks, meaning when ElBaradei came out" with the revelation that the allegation was baseless.

Then he changed it again - "In another Sunday show, ABC's "This Week," which aired later that morning, Rumsfeld further revised his story to say he learned "months," not weeks, ago of the false charge."

Then there is Condi on the missing 350 tons of explosives that are killing and maiming our troops - she says she found out last month. Remember the 9/11 testimony?
Lehman: Were you told that there were numerous young Arab males in flight training, had taken flight training, were in flight training?

Rice: I was not. And I'm not sure that that was known at the [Counter-Terrorism] center.

Lehman: Were you told that the U.S. Marshal program had been changed to drop any U.S. marshals on domestic flights?

Rice: I was not told that.

Lehman: Were you told that the Red Team in FAA – the Red Teams for 10 years had reported their hard data that the U.S. airport security system never got higher than 20 percent effective and was usually down around 10 percent for 10 straight years?

Rice: To the best of my recollection, I was not told that.

Lehman: Were you aware that INS had been lobbying for years to get the airlines to drop the transit without visa loophole that enabled terrorists and illegals to simply buy a ticket through the transit-without-visa-waiver and pay the airlines extra money and come in?

Rice: I learned about that after Sept. 11.

Lehman: Were you aware that the INS had quietly, internally, halved its internal security enforcement budget.?

Rice: I was not made aware of that. I don't remember being made aware of that, no.

Lehman: Were you aware that it was the U.S. government established policy not to question or oppose the sanctuary policies of New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, San Diego for political reason, which policy in those cities prohibited the local police from cooperating at all with federal immigration authorities?

Rice: I do not believe I was aware of that.

Lehman: Were you aware – to shift a little bit to Saudi Arabia – were you aware of the program that was well established that allowed Saudi citizens to get visas without interviews? Rice: I learned of that after 9-11.

Lehman: Where you aware of the activities of the Saudi ministry of religious affairs here in the United States during that transition?

Rice: I believe that only after Sept. 11 did the full extent of what was going on with the ministry of religious affairs became evident.

Lehman: Were you aware of the extensive activities of the Saudi government in supporting over 300 radical teaching schools and mosques around the country, including right here in the United States?

Rice: I believe we've learned a great deal more about this and addressed it with the Saudi government since 9-11.

Lehman: Were you aware at the time of the fact that Saudi Arabia had – and were you told that they had – in their custody the CFO and the closest confidant of al-Qaida – of Osama bin Laden, and refused direct access to the United States?

Rice: I don't remember anything of that kind.

Lehman: Were you aware that it was the policy, and I believe remains the policy today, to fine airlines if they have more than two young Arab males in secondary questioning because that's discriminatory?

Rice: No, I have to say that the kind of inside arrangements for the FAA are not really in my ...

Lehman: Well, these are not so inside. Were you aware that the FAA up until 9-11 thought it was perfectly permissible to allow four-inch knife blades aboard?

Rice: I was not aware.


The media sez: William Jefferson Clinton and Arnold Gropanater are political equals!


What will it take for people to wake up to this corruption? This is sickening. They have both applied for whistleblower protection under federal law.

10/14 Weston Wilson, EPA - This guy says that Halliburton pushed to use some kind of drilling technique that endangers clean water. Cheney plugged it in his Energy report and never mentioned environmental concerns. "The administration has taken steps to keep the practice from being regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act, which Halliburton has said would hurt its business and add needless costs and bureaucratic delays."

10/25 Bunny Greenhouse, Army Contractor - She says that the no-bid contracts in Iraq and the Balkans "were approved over Greenhouse's reservations, changes were handwritten on the original contracts and extensions were awarded because underlings signed them without her knowledge and in collusion with senior officials."

"The Iraq contract was awarded in February 2003, less than a month before the invasion, under a clause specifying no-bid contracts in cases of "compelling emergency." The complaint said Greenhouse objected to the five-year term, asking why the certainty that the emergency would continue that long."


One of the Dirty Harry movies was on tonight. It's the one where Eastwood goes after vigilante cops, traffic cops who systematically execute prominent criminal elements in San Francisco.

We mention the movie because of a scene where Eastwood and the vigilantes meet up in a parking garage. The killers admit what they are doing. They push their point of view and here is what they say, nearly word for word.
Clint Eastwood (Harry Callahan): You heroes killed a dozen people this week. What are you going to do next week?
David Soul (Officer Davis): Kill a dozen more. ... "Some people can only be dealt with using violence. You, of all people, Inspector, should understand that. You're either for us or againt us."

Harry says: "I'm afraid you've misjudged me," and the killers ride away on their cop motorcycles.
For us. Or against us. Sounds familiar. The Bush Crime Family is far worse than vigilantes, by the way, because they shoot the wrong people. As Harry says in the movie,"Nothing wrong with shooting as long as the right people get shot."

Sunday, October 24, 2004


We posted about this before but Joe has excerpts from the actual complaint, written by the plaintiffs' lawyer, former Dole Chief of Staff, Stanley Hinton, naming the Cartel as defendants.

This complaint goes all the way. For us or against us.


It turns out that 350 tons of explosives were stolen during the post-invasion looting. Also, it seems the Justice Department approved the CIA removal of prisoners from Iraq in clear violation of international law.

Meanwhile, Bush says whether we can ever be safe is an issue that's "up in the air." Some other things were "up in the air," right before they killed 3000 Americans on Bush's watch.


Halloween is coming so we'll recommend this terrifying film. "With God on Our Side : The Rise of the Religious Right in America." Caught it on the Sundance Channel.


He' a journalist. He's had enough. He deserves his own show. Check out the video from Scarborough Country and find the transcript to the McLaughlin Group when it's posted.


See? Couldn't anyone on the telescreen get this right? It's not so hard to say these accurate words:
Gore lost the White House by 537 votes in the state after the U.S. Supreme Court voted to stop ballot recounts in several Florida counties.


That's what MSNBC calls the theme of their coverage since the "transfer of sovereignty."

The New Iraq. Complete with all new mass graves.


Hitler, D.C. Snipers, Jabba the Hutt. Cheney says they'd all still be around if Kerry had been President. Osama and the Anthrax Killer, too. Er, uh, wait a second here ...

Bush says Kerry has "election amnesia." Well, the Black folks in Florida don't. Payback, next week.

Rummy's boy Feith, besides being Public Traitor #1 (Israeli mole, which the AP story ignores), denies he ever blew off CIA requests to correct pre-war WMD info.

"Rice said she did not know if there are more terrorists operating in Iraq today that before the war, but said the U.S. invasion is not the cause if they are in Iraq." Not Flypaper Foreign Fighters? ... or are we to believe that every rebel is and always has been a t'rrist?

"Powell said it is unlikely that Iraqis will elect a radicalized government or one that would not protect the rights of all Iraqis." Yeah, because it will be fixed.

"Ashcroft hinted at evidence the "terrorist community" has signalled the election campaign would be prime time for an attack." No need for comment.

Rummy -
"Incidents of violence have gone up, as we predicted that they would go up prior to sovereignty being passed and subsequent to sovereignty being passed as we move towards the Iraqi elections." He "predicted" that violence would decrease at every stage of the occupation, and acted like everything was just temporary and he's still doing it. After elections it will magically cease.

Bonus truth/mockery: "In that first debate I kept hearing the president say - he'd lean over that podium and kind of look at you real nice-like and say - 'It's hard work, it's hard work, it's hard work,' " Mr. Kerry said, himself leaning on a lectern, chin in hand. "I've got news for you, Mr. President, I'm ready to relieve you of the hard work.''


What a weird report. From a Republican 9/11 commissioner. Fishy. What's the angle?
CLAREMONT -- The Pentagon knows exactly where Osama bin Laden is hiding in Pakistan, it just can't get to him, John Lehman, a member of the 9-11 commission, said Thursday.

Lehman's remarks echoed those made Tuesday by Secretary of State Colin Powell, who asserted that the al-Qaida leader was alive and operating in the western part of Pakistan. ...

... In the exclusive interview, Lehman noted, "There is an American presence in the area, but we can't just send in troops. If we did, we could have another Vietnam, and the United States cannot afford that right now." ...

... "We'll get (bin Laden) eventually, just not now," he said. Asked how bin Laden was surviving, Lehman said he was getting money from outside countries, such as the United Arab Emirates and high-ranking ministers inside Saudi Arabia.

Our guess is that Lehman was tasked to parrot a lie but went off the reservation when he discussed finances. The lie is floated to counter an image of the Bush Cartel ignoring Bin Laden. They mean to say: "it's not that we aren't trying, it's not that we don't have a clue, it's just that our hands are tied."

Who could accept this attitude, anyway, even if true? Isn't the Cartel policy based on bullying into countries that "harbor t'rr" no matter what the consequences?

Thru Corrente.


From the Rolling Stone Kerry interview:

OK -- enough. Let's talk about movies quickly. Of the Vietnam movies you've seen, what's the most accurate? And your favorite?

The most powerful Vietnam movie, to me, was The Deer Hunter, which was more about what happened to the folks who went, and about their relationships . . . and about what happened to this small-town community. I thought it was a brilliant movie, because the metaphor of Russian roulette was an incredible way of capturing the fatalism about it all: the sense that things were out of your control. And it really talked to what happened to the folks who went. So I thought it was a very, very powerful movie. Also, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Coming Home, Born on the Fourth of July -- those are powerful too.

How about Apocalypse Now? Was that what it was like going up river, on those boats?

That's exactly how it was, man. Sitting in that river, waiting for someone to shoot you -- but the later part of the movie, after the point where they get to the bridge, then everything becomes a little psychedelic. That got a little distant from me.

Saturday, October 23, 2004


We enjoyed this rap video found among comments at Atrios.


Wouldn't want that fear level to decline ...

No Direct Evidence of Plot To Attack Around Elections -Wash Post

No Evidence of U.S. Election Terror Plot -Report -Reuters

Little Evidence of Qaeda Plot Timed to Vote - NYT

By the afternoon ...

FBI Probes Leads on Election Terror Plot -AP

In the past 82 days, Mr Bush has spent four days in the White House, 12 on his ranch in Crawford, Texas, and three at his parents' home in Kennebunkport, Maine. . ...

... Mr Bush found time on Wednesday, while travelling between Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio, to sign Presidential Decree S.2895, "an act to authorise the Gateway Arch in St Louis, Missouri, to be illuminated by pink lights in honour of breast cancer awareness month".


Horklog links to a page showing what the costs (all borrowed) of Iraq look like when you physically lay out the money.


Remember how Dubya gave in to pressure and established a panel inn February to "examine " the Iraq WMD issue? Report due: March 31, 2005. The bias of appointed members immediately proved it was a joke, in particular, it's leader, Lawrence Silberman, an infamous conservative federal judge.

Silberman's name comes up again, in a disturbing and tardy article about the abuse of power by the feds while going after t'rr - ramming through a secret obliteration of Due Process.
Determined to deal aggressively with the terrorists they expected to capture, the officials bypassed the federal courts and their constitutional guarantees, giving the military the authority to detain foreign suspects indefinitely and prosecute them in tribunals not used since World War II. ... But three years later, not a single terrorist has been prosecuted. Of the roughly 560 men being held at the United States naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, only 4 have been formally charged. ...

... That challenge resounded among young lawyers who were settling into important posts at the White House, the Justice Department and other agencies. Many of them were members of the Federalist Society, a conservative legal fraternity. Some had clerked for Supreme Court justices, Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia in particular. A striking number had clerked for a prominent Reagan appointee, Lawrence H. Silberman of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

One young lawyer recalled looking around the room during a meeting with Attorney General John Ashcroft. "Of 10 people, 7 of us were former Silberman clerks," he said. ...

... Senior officials of the State Department and the National Security Council staff were excluded from final discussions of the policy, even at a time when they were meeting daily about Afghanistan with the officials who were drafting the order. According to two people involved in the process, Mr. Cheney advocated withholding the draft from Ms. Rice and Secretary Powell.


Geez, this is a little unnerving. Good guy blogs popping up and claiming the American Conservative endorsed Kerry. It's quite clear that they didn't.

The crew was so split that they printed separate endorsements, including one for Bush, from the big name Pat Buchanan. Aside from one for Kerry, other endorsements were divided among Nader, Badnarik, two for the radically pro-Life Constitution Party guy and one for nobody.
Their pieces, plus Taki's column closing out this issue, constitute TAC's endorsement.
Taki's column is some kind of defensive rant about how if we had just let the Germans win in WWI everything would have been fine. The main point is that TAC hates the Iraq invasion - they have all along.

Just sayin'. Folks don't need to be over-eager about this kind of thing.

Friday, October 22, 2004


With a lot of help from the late, great Ray Charles and DubyaSpeak. Pit stain courtesy of the AP.

We say goodbye to Ray and good riddance to the Shrub. New Damfaudio for Election Time.

What'd You Say? - (mp3 - 1.7MB - 1:53)

(Lower Qual) - (mp3 - 650KB - 1:53)


The Bush/Cheney Fear 2004 campaign has it's newest horror movie ad out and it's a winner. "Weakness" encourages wolf-like terrorists, is essentially the theme. The Dems need to respond immediately and they probably will.

Maybe they could do it like this.

A hunter brags about his powerful guns as he goes into the woods getting drunk. As wolves gather and track him, unseen by him, he starts shooting at trees and shapes in an arrogant and celebratory way. More wolves are attracted to his noise. He reloads and continues until his bag of ammo is gone.

Finally, he pulls the trigger and it goes "click." He curses and slumps. Growls are immediately heard and the wolves move in for the kill.


Important article in the Wash Post today:
Most officials interviewed said Bush has not devised an answer to a problem then-CIA Director George J. Tenet identified publicly on Feb. 11, 2003 -- "the numbers of societies and peoples excluded from the benefits of an expanding global economy, where the daily lot is hunger, disease, and displacement -- and that produce large populations of disaffected youth who are prime recruits for our extremist foes."

The president and his most influential advisers, many officials said, do not see those factors -- or U.S. policy overseas -- as primary contributors to the terrorism threat. Bush's explanation, in private and public, is that terrorists hate America for its freedom.

Sageman, who supports some of Bush's approach, said that analysis is "nonsense, complete nonsense. They obviously haven't looked at any surveys." The central findings of polling by the Pew Charitable Trust and others, he said, is that large majorities in much of the world "view us as a hypocritical huge beast throwing our weight around in the Middle East."


Look, the stress of the impending election is cauding hyper-sensitivity to what happens on the telescreen. Nonetheless, we'll say it: even when it comes to discussing the Boston Red Sox, the telescreen prefers to diminish any kind of Kerry-associated success. Telescreen anchors (especially on Fox) don't like to say "Boston." Almost always, only "Red Sox."

Is this even happening? It seems like it is. Is this what going insane feels like?


Don't bother emailing him. This guy's hostile attitude reflects that of CNN/B-C 04, and most of the telescreen journalists, pretty well:
JEFF GREENFIELD, CNN SR. ANALYST: The replay showed the umps were clearly right but there's a reason we call them fans. It's short for fanatic. You can be sitting 400 feet away from home plate but you know the ball your pitcher threw was a strike way better than the umpire six inches away.

The lesson, we see it every day in our e-mail, we're covering up the blatant lies and trickery of George W. Bush. We're in the tank for Senator Kerry because we haven't ripped the lid off his mendacity.

Do not get me wrong. We are capable of making plenty of mistakes but the last people to offer a measured look in what we do are the people who view this campaign as the ultimate battle between good and evil.
See, there's no problem with telescreen coverage. We're just fanatics who don't see reality.

Greenfield was also interviewed in that killer Village Voice article the other day:

Ideally, our top-drawer journos would represent a check on an anti-American hustle like this. Reached by phone while preparing for the town hall debate in St. Louis, however, Jeff Greenfield, CNN's senior political analyst since 1998, swears off the role. "I just regard this as what happens in a campaign," he says, calling the idea that this election is anything other than a fair fight between two equally aggressive opponents an "essentially conspiratorial view."

"In my view," says Greenfield, "if The Washington Post is able to report the fact that the White House worked on it . . . people are perfectly free to say, 'This is bullshit.' " Kerry "in a nationally televised debate can turn to the president and make that argument." Both sides thus will have spoken; the media's responsibility has been discharged. "I don't expect campaigns to adhere to what I call the George Orwell level of intellectual honesty."

Ever since the days of Joe McCarthy, the claim that a made-up charge by one side is no longer an outrage if the wronged party gets a chance to refute it has been an easy refuge for journalistic scoundrels. When Republicans accused someone of being a Communist, newspapers reported it, true or not; then they reported the victim's outraged denials, the day's work done—no matter that the person's life might now be ruined by the merely invented accusation. With a setup like that, the side willing to say anything to win will win every time.

Greenfield disagrees. "McCarthy won for about two years, and then the tide turned," he says. Nowadays, it would happen even faster, what with blogs and all. "When somebody starts really playing with the facts, there are so many people on every side of the issue ready to jump on you," he says. "Call me an optimist."

I call him an idiot. This is a country where 42 percent of Americans believe Saddam Hussein was behind the 9-11 attacks, where telling lies before the truth has time to put on its shoes—lies that won't have time to get exposed before the votes, whether the electorate's or the Supreme Court's, get counted—has been Karl Rove's modus operandi since he stole the election for chairman of the College Republicans National Federation in 1973. Punks like Greenfield are Rove's best friend: He's already decided in advance that both sides are equally bad.


In Ohio. x2.


Best of the very best from Paul Krugman today. He was speaking for all of us who see clouds gathering over the Sunshine State.

Electoral College projections based on state polls also show a dead heat. Projections assuming that undecided voters will break for the challenger in typical proportions give Mr. Kerry more than 300 electoral votes.

But if you get your political news from cable TV, you probably have a very different sense of where things stand. ... As a result, there is a widespread public impression that Mr. Bush holds a commanding lead. ...

... A lot can change in 11 days, and Mr. Bush may yet win convincingly. But we must not repeat the mistake of 2000 by refusing to acknowledge the possibility that a narrow Bush win, especially if it depends on Florida, rests on the systematic disenfranchisement of minority voters. And the media must not treat such a suspect win as a validation of skewed reporting that has consistently overstated Mr. Bush's popular support.
Krugman even mentions Steve Soto over at Left Coaster, for his fine examination of the Gallup poll.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Others have done it so why not the Damfacrats?

Stockton & Tweed run a ton of national poll numbers from the several days prior to Selection Day 2000. Gore's low: 37%. Gore's high: 46.8%

Not one showing a Gore lead. Bush was generally between 46 and 48.

It ended up at 48.38 to 47.87. Bush could not even crack 48. Nader pulled 2.74. "Other" got 1%.

It's worth noting that Dem voters come out of the woodwork on Game Day. Incumbents almost always get what the numbers say. Undecideds break heavily for the challenger. Nader will pull less than 2% this time. It would be astounding to see another popular vote win without an electoral win. Hold your breath ... and hope our hackers are better than their hackers.


The "inside" word is that Bill Clinton wants to be Secretary General of the United Nations.


It's getting close to election day - not much time to argue:
Ken Mehlman, Bush's campaign manager, denied there has been any ongoing attempt to stifle protest or opposition at Bush rallies. The president, Mehlman said, is eager to speak to undecided voters and independents.
From Xan at Corrente.


A lot of respectable bloggers have been offering theories about whether and/or why Bush told Pat Robertson just prior to the invasion that "Oh no, there won't be any casualties." Everybody seems to agree that Bush probably said it and they back it up with previous, almost identical comments made by Robertson.

Robertson is lying. That's our theory. We don't doubt that the Shrub knows little of reality but even the Shrub knew that at least a few Americans would die, if only from friendly fire or a fall from a tank. We are certain Robertson is a worthless, lying sack of crap.

So what is the angle for Robertson? It's simple. He wants to make sure that his red phone to God is considered real and superior to any such claimed communication by Dubya. His notoriety has been inflated by the Winger telescreen in recent years and he is enjoying it, running with it and exploiting it. Robertson's loyalty is to himself and his wallet.


"Cheney said Kerry's camouflage jacket was 'an October diguise.'"

At what point does the process of winger chickenhawks projecting their own faults and transgressions upon their opponents become obvious enough for the telescreen to say something?
Not anytime soon.


On the election. Downright inspiring.


She is still, without a doubt, the hottest US Senator. Hannity flipped out and started his bully boy routine, calling Mary "a lousy Senator." Video.

Another Mary we know will probably want to see this one ...


What does he know about it? What a tool:
O'BRIEN: Frank, I noticed the senator was empty-handed there. Was that his goose being carried by the person accompanying him there?

BUCKLEY: Well, you know what? We didn't see which goose the senator...

O'BRIEN: Did he bag a goose? Do we know?

BUCKLEY: Well, we're told that each one of the hunters in the group of four bagged one so...


BUCKLEY: So, yes.

O'BRIEN: I think we might be -- a little spin there, nevertheless.


With Republicans mindlessly defending the voting machines, and even doing a poor job of it, it is obvious that they don't want people asking questions. If there was a neutral concern about the operation of these machines, the Republicans would be out in force with objections. Without a paper trail, or at least poll watchers, the American people should catagorically reject any vote count on those machines.

Wolf Blitzer came close to actually doing his job today in regard to this issue.
WEXLER: That's right, that's right, 10 days. The long-term remedy is require a paper trail in all of Florida for 2006. The short-term remedy, provide independent monitors in each supervisors of elections who have computer experience and/or allow two political parties to have poll watchers, so that we can compare, at a minimum, the amount of voters that sign in and show their driver's license to the number of votes that each machine is counting, because in the past, there've been some discrepancies, either way too low, or, in some too cases, too high, where there's clearly a mistake.

BLITZER: Anybody oppose that short-term solution?

WEXLER: Yes, Governor Jeb Bush.


FOLEY: I'm not sure, Robert, he's objected to poll watchers and things of that nature.

WEXLER: Mark and I are old friends. We agree on a lot of things. For two years, though -- and it's not Mark who's the problem, I've been literal begging the governor and the secretary of state to come in and resolve the problem so that Florida voters have confidence. They've stood stubbornly in the way, and they've simply said the machines are infallible, the ones that we have in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade and others.

BLITZER: Isn't it normal for every precinct to have poll watchers, if you will, to have Democrats and Republicans who sit there and make sure that everything is OK.


FOLEY: Wolf, there may be more poll watchers than voters the way things are going down here in Florida. We've got the word descending on us.

WEXLER: Yes, but with the case of the electronic machines, what they need to know is not only people who have signed in, but how many votes are being registered on those machines throughout the day, and under the situation now, we do not have the opportunity to do that.
All other optimism aside, the prospect of a Florida win for Kerry, using these machines in the heavily Democratic counties, seems dismal.


Woah. This is an essential read.

Thru Bflash.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Not HW. By Friday, 41 trips to Pennsylvania for the Shrub and by Saturday, 41 trips to Crawford, Texas. He's workin' hard.

As Atrios notes, it's weird that he will go to Crawford on Saturday. Our tinfoil hat question: is a phony attack imminent?

(From comments there, maybe he is going to Iraq or, more likely Afghanistan, to shake hands with the phony "victor" and play with the troops.)


How interesting that, despite the direct question about the famous abortion case during the debate, no one on the telescreen has pointed out how Laura feels about it. Not to mention Momma Barbara:
1/22/01 - Laura Bush said Friday that while she thinks more can be done to limit the number of abortions, she does not believe the landmark Roe v. Wade pro-abortion ruling should be undone. ``No, I don't think it should be overturned," she said in response to a question in an interview broadcast on NBC's ``Today."
When Friedman asks [in Oct 2004 GQ] if that's still her opinion, Bush replies "Yeah," and with that, considers the conversation closed.
Bush v. Choice put it this way:
In last night's debate, the final question asked what each candidate learned from the "strong women" in their lives. Bush's response: "To listen to them."

Ok, Bushie; then listen to your wife and mother.

Laura Bush on Roe v. Wade: "No, I don't think it should be overturned ..."

Barbara Bush on abortion (from her autobiography): "For me, abortion is a personal issue - between the mother, father and doctor."

But despite the fact that these "strong women" in the president's life are pro-choice, he still won't answer the question as to whether he'll protect Roe v. Wade and the right to choose - cause he knows if he tells the truth, women won't be having it.


Today's big theme is "both candidates use fear in final days." At least that is better than just reporting Bush's new winger psycho-projection accusation that Kerry is using fear.

Still, it would be nice if the media noticed that nothing has changed about Bush/Cheney's use of fear and negative attacks - that is, it's been their whole campaign from beginning to end. Instead, the telescreen acts like it is just a new thing at the end. Another media theme for the catagory of "what's actually old is now new."


Another poll shows Bush approval rating at 44%. He's a desperate, petty fool:
Bush also seized on senior Kerry foreign policy adviser Richard Holbrooke's recent comments that "we're not in a war on terror, in the literal sense ... The war on terror is like saying 'the war on poverty.' It's just a metaphor."

"Confusing food programs with terrorist killings reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of the war we face, and that is very dangerous thinking," said Bush


The media loves the horserace and hates the issues. Any proof that Americans suffer as a result? Look at Tennessee:

Overall, in fact, Tennesseans averaged only two right answers when quizzed about which candidate held which view on the five issues. A fifth (20%) got no right answers, and 19% got one answer right. Another fifth (20%) got two right answers, and still another fifth (20%) got three right answers. Only 13% got four right answers, and a mere 8% got all of the answers right. An analysis looking across the preferences expressed by respondent to these five issues found that only 6% gave unfailingly Democratic answers, and just 2% gave all Republican answers. At least on these issues, most Tennesseans cluster around an ideologically neutral center and, on average, venture no more than a net of two answers in the direction of being either consistently Democratic or consistently Republican.
Nevertheless, Tennesseans profess a high degree of interest in the campaign, with 71% describing themselves as “very interested,” and 23% as “somewhat interested.” Only 6% say they are “not at all interested.” Although high across the board, expressed interest is positively related to age, education, and income. Over a third (39%) say they watched the presidential debates at “every single opportunity.” Another 22% say they watched “most of the time,” and about a quarter (24%) say they watched “only some of the time.” Just 16% say they never watched.

Thru the Political Wire.

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