George W. Bush scribbled on American flags at a rally in Michigan, July, 2003.


Sunday, June 13, 2004

0 FOR 50

A former DIA official says that the U.S. managed to launch dozens of air attacks in Iraq that acheived nothing. Zero percent success rate. Well, almost nothing:
In an e-mail message, Garlasco described the campaign to attack high- value targets as "abject failure." He wrote, "We failed to kill the HVTs and instead killed civilians and engendered hatred and discontent in some of the population."


On the Reagan nonsense, from Atrios, as usual.

Can we say anything nice about this insane week? Maybe some sympathy goes out to Ron Reagan, Jr., who is liked among Damfacrats.


Priorities, right?

All this Reagan stuff was an abomination. Especially the flag-laden cathedral. What a disgrace.

Friday, June 04, 2004


Josh Marshall notes the difference between bizarre and almost bizarre, which the craven NY Times seems unable or unwilling to grasp. When Bush does a peek-a-boo routine and announces such a "resignation" it is, unqualified, bizarre.

It seems pretty clear that Tenet is the right (politically, in the Rovian sense) lamb for several reasons. The main one is that he is a Clinton hold-over but it's also that he represents the so-called "failure of beauracracy" that caused 9/11. It sickening, as usual, how the Bush Cartel blames without accusing, confesses without admitting, hides while standing in broad daylight and pisses all over our shoes while claiming it is raining. Nothin new here, right?


An almost incoherent individual is a good person to meet with the inarticulate clown who is "like a blind man in a room full of deaf people."

The muttering Pope is ancient and has been plagued by health problems. What's Dubya's excuse? We would be sure to qualify our papal comments with some sign of respect but frankly, we got no Damfacratic love for the Catholic church.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


One of the latest idiotic -ACRONYMS- to be spawned by the Fatherland Ministers are the "BOLO"s. They are "Be On The Lookouts." Well, at least they didn't say "we're on the look," like the Chimp has many times. Weep for our language...

Anyway, as far as we remember, the term "Bolo," among Damfacratic circles, goes back to the crazy Grateful Dead European tour of 1972, wherein the band members and crew/families divided into two camps as they traveled: Bolos and Bozos. Sounds about right ...

UPDATE: talk about our destroyed language - it's not anagram it's acronym for God's sake!...thanks to George J for noting that...


There was a Damfacratic viewing of a documentary made in the early-mid nineties about the US invasion of Panama. The short review: more shameful activity by the Bush Family Evil Empire (see Bartcop) and more shameful activity by the media, as in, the US killed thousands of civilians to prop up a puppet government serving global business interests. The excerpts from Daddy Bush were frighteningly similar to the bile we here these days.

Highly reccommended: "The Panama Deception." Here's a link to stuff about the movie.


From the Agonist, (like with the previous post) we learn that the Saudis may have averted their eyes and let some "evil-doers" skate away from that hostage thing.

It seems clear that John Kerry needs to keep hammering some of these universal issues, in other words, continue to denounce those things that all Americans like to denounce, while Bush gives/gave them a big sloppy kiss: oil companies, Saudis, Chalabi, other polluters, Jesus freaks, so forth ...

The illegal immigration is more tricky and maybe someone can comment here on how Kerry handles it. One cannot ignore the fact that most Americans by far are very opposed to widespread immigration but how can Kerry walk this particular line when he needs Hispanic votes?


"One lesson of life in Haiti is never to say things cannot get any worse. They can, and they have." In the Times.
"Rice is Life" and rice costs too much right now. Way too much. The floods were very bad and made worse be deforestation.

As we have said, one of the worst things about the misadventure in Iraq is that it crowds out many other potential projects - humanitarian, domestic, diplomatic, natural disasters, etc. So it's not just the nightmare itself but the way it prevents better dreams elsewhere.

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