George W. Bush scribbled on American flags at a rally in Michigan, July, 2003.


Thursday, May 27, 2004


22 years ago next month, New York City hosted the largest peace rally in history, when 1 million people gathered to call for a nuclear freeze. Someone made a good documentaryon it and even a young Damfa was there, thanks to the wise Damfacratic matriarch. About 500,000 people congregated in Central Park.

This year, it looks like the city won't let even 250,000 people gather in Central Park to protest the arrival of scrapy-face and his thugs for the enRoNC convention. Things ain't what they used to be.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


We have to admit that there are some views we have had that we have not expressed for fear of alientating many or wrecking our credibility. Since few are reading and since the truth is abrupt and insulting, we shall no longer play on the safe side, so ...

These theo-fascists in the White House are going to hurt some Americans in an attempt to maintain power. They are going to do it soon and, afterwards, if the polls suggest it doesn't work, they will do it again and cancel elections.


Overdue, of course, but welcome... The Times admits it was led around by the nose before the war ... but can't admit that reporter Judy Miller was personally, vastly and particularly to blame.
Complicating matters for journalists, the accounts of these exiles were often eagerly confirmed by United States officials convinced of the need to intervene in Iraq. Administration officials now acknowledge that they sometimes fell for misinformation from these exile sources. So did many news organizations — in particular, this one.

Some critics of our coverage during that time have focused blame on individual reporters. Our examination, however, indicates that the problem was more complicated.
Also of no surprise is the fact that the Times still enables the liars in Washington by swallowing and regurgitating the "woops, we were fooled" excuse.

Thursday, May 20, 2004


Those Bush Medicare ads with the fake reporters. The GAO finally made the call.


On that rollercoaster. An actual House of Horrors, perhaps. Pick your favorite analogy/bitter humor when reading the story about radical combatants rebuilding an amusement park:
The plan may sound far-fetched. But commanders in the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment say it's based on this simple premise: Enemy fighters don't have time to fire rockets or mortar shells if they're busy earning a living. Rebuilding the amusement park should occupy dozens of men for weeks.
... duhhh idle hands are the devil's playground. From The Agonist.


A crook is a crook and should be treated as such. It's about time - the U.S. finally cut off his monetary gravy train just this past week.
Thursday at 10:30 a.m. local time, American troops and Iraqi forces surrounded Chalabi's compound in Mansur and entered the house. They overturned desks, seized computers and documents, and loaded boxes into waiting cars. Coalition officials told Associated Press that warrants had been issued for "up to 15 people" on allegations of "fraud, kidnapping, and associated matters." An Iraqi National Congress (INC) spokesman, interviewed on the Arabic language Al Jazeera satellite TV channel, said troops accused Chalabi of harboring terrorists.
The DOD will probably keep working with him on the side, knowing them ...


Rudy has gotten a huge head and someone needs to put the smackdown on him. Family members were openly disgusted with all the stroking he received by the "panel." The News Hour last night showed one person in the audience plead for just "two minutes," to ask some "Real questions."

It seems like Rudy gives himself permission to play dumb just because he held a lower public office. This "planes-into-building-ignorance" excuse is just pathetic.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


For some time now, Damfacrats have been reading Kurt Nimmo's blog and sort of pretending that we don't. We don't always agree with him but it's one of the most interesting and uncompromising blogs out there. We are sorry if you don't like anti-Israel and advanced conspiracy stuff but this guy needs to get read. Here is a link to a comprehensive rejection of the Dem darling, Senator McCain at Another Day in the Empire.


Is the WMD story even interesting anymore? Looks like the tests checked out (sorry, Fox News) but the stuff was random remains from old shells and probably unintentionally included in the bomb devices. By the way, the stuff used to neutralize sarin is made right in good ole Rochester, NY, former Damfatown. Who would have thought that a town could be partially saved from economic decline due to spiking demands for anti nerve agent goodies?


In order to set the record straight, the rival for Rangel's Harlem U.S. Rep. seat is no longer accused of sexual assaulting an intern, not one of his. The sex was apparently consentual. No charges yet.


The 9/11 panel member shot his mouth off today, doing his best to shift blame from the Bush minions by deeming NYC emergency response as a "scandal" and "not worthy of the Boy Scouts." Hey, Lehman, how about a nice hot cup of "Shut the Fuck Up?" Your little Cub Scout in La Casa Blanca, the Bush boy, is the one who needs to have his merit badges revoked, for scandal after scandal after scandal.

Monday, May 17, 2004


Again, saw this one in the Hispanic newspaper, "Hoy," but Buzzflash was also on the case:
Russert's last question was about the false info in Powell's speech to the UN in Feb 2003 - but before Powell could answer someone pushed the camera off Powell. With the camera pointing at the ocean, Powell was heard saying off camera, "Get out of the way, Emily." On the split screen, Russert says, "This is highly inappropriate, Mr. Secretary." There's more off-camera muffled scuffling, then the camera moves back to Powell and he answers the question (sort of).


They took out the leader of the governing council. Negroponte better be watchin his back...Although he was probably tasked to deny the fatal Honduran fire today (as he denied all evil in Honduras while he was in charge down there) he will have a tough time denying his own assassination.

Anarchy rules the day and the hot summer looms.


Forgive any Damfacratic delays in commenting on the news but now we see that the military is claiming a roadside bomb had some sarin gas in one of the incorporated shells.

Of course, they need to do more tests to be sure and it's clear that this could have been some unintended remnants from some decrepid ammo dump. On every other such announcement, "further testing" ruled out any type of chem or bio weapon. Remember those "canoles of mass destruction" as Atrios termed them?

It is indeed a strange world in which the US government will be HAPPY to confirm that
the enemy now uses such weapons against us. A new slogan for the enRoNC ''-Choose Bush! -because our soldiers are finally getting gassed!''

Thursday, May 13, 2004


Couldn't make it. Daughters' graduation?

Nope, had to make that fundraiser. From OFP through Timshel.


How does Rummy regroup and confront the disaster he has helped create (along with gullible Americans and milquetoast Democrats)? He hits the books:
Rumsfeld glumly listened as senators read despairing E-mails from U.S. troops in Iraq and he requested extra time at the end of the hearing to deliver a rambling statement ripping media coverage of the prison abuse scandal.

"I've kind of stopped reading the press, frankly," Rumsfeld said, his voice quavering at times. Instead, Rumsfeld said he was reading a book on Union Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's bloody drive on Richmond in the last year of the Civil War.
Well, at least the Secretary was, at some point, unlike the Jokebook-in-Chief, examining the news.

From the Agonist.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


For those who may have missed it, CBS (NBC?) news reported tonight that the Arab rumor mill is cranking out the notion that the CIA was responsible for the videotaped decapitation so recently in the news. It certainly was a timely release and anything purporting to involve Zarqawi raises Damfacratic eyebrows. This rumor is a nice pairing with the much more likely notion that the CIA and other intelligence spooks were fully aware and deliberately instigating the prisoner abuse so recently in the news. So says the mousy abuser chick and others...

Ah, military intelligence...the classic contradiction in terms.

One might add that the Dems had better back off this issue sooner rather than later. It feeds the insane theme that Dems hate America and it is difficult to blame Rummy and Bush for the acts themselves. Even if they had full knowledge, no one will believe it.

As other blogs have carefully archived, Senator Inhofe from OK made a shameful display of himself when he stated that he did not understand the outrage regarding the prisoners. That guy just doesn't GET it. On the other hand, when DeLay issues zingers like "the Dems want to win the White house more than they want to win the war," we gotta tread lightly with this abuse thing.

Isn't the real outrage the fact that we invaded at all and the fact that we have killed, harmed and pissed upon an entire generation of Iraqis? Just wonderin...

Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Excuse us but we seem to need to keep reminding folks that it is all wrong to a) hold up McCain as a standard for integrity and b) kiss his ass anytime he decides to dazzle us with some angry words directed at one Republican or another.

One more time, mis amigos en la familia Democratica - you will see John McCain on November 1st urging everyone to vote for Dubya and you will be sorry that you ever thought his word meant anything. What's worse is that as long as you praise him and Kerry and others praise him, people will believe him and do as he instructs. So cease and desist, Democrats, thank you.


One more quick (hopefully not pretentious) Damfacratic theory.

It is very convenient for the Bush fools to have this prison abuse thing happen.

Why? Iraq was already a massive failure and we had lost the proverbial hearts and minds of the people due to failed services, failed security and a steady stream of brute force in Iraq. So, as it dawns on middle America that the adventure is in the toilet, the Bushies can claim the following:

"We were making good progress toward winning over the Iraqis, until a few bad apples spoiled it for everyone by abusing the prisoners." They love a good excuse over at the Casa Blanca.


It's always a struggle to determine whether the administration is more evil than incompetent, rather than vice versa. At this point, the Damfacrats are leaning toward the view that evil reigns.

Perhaps we have made the point before, and perhaps others are also making it, but the complete fuck-up that Iraq has become is further evidence that deliberate inflammation is the plan. Wolfie and Feith and the rest if the Neo-Cons WANT the Arab world to hate America. They want an all out jihad, to create the war to end all wars, to draw in all the Arab nations and steamroll Palestine. They want a naked rationale for total domination of the Middle East and its declining oil supply.

How can there be any other explanation for the constant flow of revelations concerning U.S. policy and its results, which are always achieving the opposite of the stated goal? Invade a Muslim country for no good reason, allow it to fall into chaos, including the destruction of precious cultural relics, etc.

Back Israel's iron-fist policies, including slamming the door on the right of Return. Torture, abuse and humiliate innocent prisoners, and record the activity, so that anyone who might have been a moderate will soon cross over into hatred of the U.S.

It's all part of the piss-in-your-face policies of the Bush cartel, which encompass their treasonous domestic policies - steering the country toward weakness, economic disaster, so that the global corporate banks and conglomerates can grasp power even beyond that of the American government.

Well, just a theory ... incompetence or pure evil? So difficult to decide when both qualities are pouring all over us on a daily basis.


Adam Clayton Powell has had the nerve to challenge Charlie Rangel for his entrenched seat in the House as the Rep for Harlem. Karma is a not too fun sometimes.

Powell is under the hot lights of an investigation for serving up alcohol to a female intern. It's not right to take pleasure at someone else's misfortune but - SWEET. Then again, she had to go to the hospital and some of the stories are talking sexual abuse - not so sweet.

It's in the Times today but Damfacrats first noticed the story in "Hoy," el periodico espanol that only costs 25 cents.

Thanks once again to anyone who is still actually checking out the site. Who knows what the future will bring ... ?

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