George W. Bush scribbled on American flags at a rally in Michigan, July, 2003.


Thursday, April 15, 2004


OK, so we keep saying we will be back soon but for real, this week should be the week we can resolve issues and return. Thanks to anyone who is still checking on the Damfacrats.

Here are a few random thoughts, names and ideas: Greg Palast!, who had some kind of feature on the aforementioned MNN here in NYC tonight. He has a great book called "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" and he was the only guy to really examine what happened in Florida 2000. When someone asks you what happened, we think the key is this: Florida hired a private company to create a list of inelligible voters, supposedly inelligible because of felony convictions. This list was grossly inaccurate, yet it deprived tens of thousands of voters, mostly Democrats, of the right to vote. That was the main problem and most obvious problem/scam in Florida.

As for the last two weeks, it seems to the Damfacrats that Al-Sistani is the man who can save Iraq from more bloodshed and more disaster, if anyone can. In the end, it is better that we should end up with a benevolent dictator, rather than an illegitimate installed puppet (like we have here in America). In other words, if the US actually attempts to hand the keys to Ahmad Chalabi, well, that will be the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae of complete corruption and incompetence.

In short, our folks are dying by the dozen now, for no good reason. Our view: U.S. out, out, out, out of Iraq. Better now than later - it's inevitable.

This idea that we will have a failed state which will breed terrorism if we leave, as the "worst nightmare" scenario, is complete bunk. It is already a nightmare that is just getting scarier.

Iraq and many many other locales can, will and do produce terrorist elements with ease, whether we "stand up" a government or not. Fighting terrah "over there" will not prevent other terrorists from coming here when they are ready.

Some Democrats say we have to stay there because we caused this mess but the Damfacrats must disagree. Get out now.

Finally and randomly, seeing the Shrub's press conference was not at all reassuring. A couple of new things he threw in include a nice slap to Iraqi forces for "not doing so well" (someone new to blame!) and a couple of comments that attempted to analogize Nazis with Islamic terrorists by claiming they "kill Jews." Not that they don't, it's just, the way Shrubie decided to emphasize it. We always look for the new stuff among the same old propaganda.

Hope we'll be back soon!

Friday, April 09, 2004


If you are still returning here to see what's up with the Damfacrats, it is very much appreciated. Hopefully, we will resolve our issues and be back to reghular to semi regular blogging. Until that time, peace on all y'all and you better be blogging up the slack while we are away.

Speaking of lost faith, does anyone else watch Rummy and see him as a crushed man? We caught a couple of press conferences and his grand self-assurance is dimmed, perhaps vanished. Even David Brooks was looking sheepish and admitting some failures during his appearance on the News Hour tonight.

Could it be that the Neo-cons and their apologists are surrendering to the truth that Iraq is an all-out disaster? Nahhhhhhh.

Monday, April 05, 2004


Well, NYC is were it's at. One thing that is here, which one can explore when one has not yet established a true media connection to the outside world, is the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, which must be the best public access channel in existence (and that may not be saying much).

Check out (sorry, borrowed computer, tech difficulties). Lance's speech appeared on MNN late last night. One really amazing bit of circumstantial conclusion he has reached includes the assertion that Ramzi Yousef, who bombed the WTC in 1993, taught Terry Nichols how to build the bomb that brought down that Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Never heard that one before.

Thursday, April 01, 2004


While I almost never post about Damfa life, I just wanted to let folks know that I am sitting in an empty apartment. Everything else is packed in the truck and tomorrow I head for New York City. No job yet but some money in my pocket and a place to live. I don't want to get into details but I'm confident I'll be working again soon.

It's been a weird two-month vacation. It's been satisfying. Thanks to all and anyone who has visited the blog and continues to visit. After tonight, it might be a few days before blogging resumes.

Anyway, throughout the packing and hassles, the streaming Air America filled this now fleeting abode all day. It's a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, thing.

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