George W. Bush scribbled on American flags at a rally in Michigan, July, 2003.


Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Karl Rove, Senior Political Advisor to President Bush""It's wrong, it's shady, it's cheap,'' said Wes Clark, regarding the adminstration's leak of the identity of Joe Wilson's wife, a CIA agent, in retaliation for his Uranium/Niger exposure.

Do people suspect that Karl Rove, Senior Advisor to President Bush, was behind the leak that exposed the CIA agent's identity? Just ask photographers and the New York Times:

Media Spotlight"The focus on Rove brought an odd twist to Bush's travels. When the president boarded Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base outside of Washington, he walked up the steps and waved -- and not a single camera followed. He looked perplexed. All lenses were trained on Rove at the bottom of the steps."

Monday, September 29, 2003


Is it Dinner-time? Good.Among hated professions, telemarketers are near the top of the list. Lawyers are right up there, too. The important thing for Damfacrats is that judges do not move any higher on this Do-Not-Like list.

Which is why, for now, Damfacrats oppose the Do-Not-Call list and support the decision to strike it down as unconstitutional.

Oliver Wendell HolmesWhen White House spokesman Scott McClellan makes a statement, such as he did today, claiming that Americans "have the right" to this list, Damfacrats cringe. A federal judge just decided that the list violates the First Amendment of the Constitution. At that moment, the judge was saying, "America, you don't have the right."

Judges interpret the law. It may sound like an obvious point but, in today's anti-judicial climate, it is an important one. Not the President, nor Congress, nor 50 million Americans have any say as to whether this list violates the Constitution.

Oliver Wendell Holmes When a federal judge says the Do-Not-Call list violates free speech, the reaction should not be one where people talk of a "victory" if the list continues. This is not a battle between judges and Americans. Judges preserve and protect our rights, which include unpopular ones, such as the right to go door to door and sell things and the right to call your number and talk to you if you answer.

Not to mention the fact that this list will cost hundreds of thousands of Americans their jobs. It will remove revenue from the economy as a 50-75 billion dollar industry gets American Workers decimated. Better to be bothered occasionally by an unwanted phone call than to see more people get tossed out of work.

If appeals to higher courts fail, America will need a Do-Not-Call amendment to the Constitution in order to keep such a list in place. Thank you, I'm not interested.

If an appeal to a higher judicial bench is successful, Damfacrats will reconsider their talking point on this issue. Until such time, we oppose laws that violate free speech rights and we oppose Contempt of Court.


Damfacratic leaders met with Clark leaders again tonight. The word is that the state party leaders want to launch the state campaign right here in our humble city.

The big news is that Charles Rangel will definitly be here, with the hint that, if it is organized well enough, the General himself may appear. Damfacrats will gladly settle for the esteemed Congressman.

UPDATE: To quote Doc Halloran from Kubrick's The Shining, Damfacrats reported this and "turned out to be totally unreliable a--holes."


Albania, which sent 70 peacekeepers to the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, expects U.S. support for military reforms aimed at qualifying for NATO (news - web sites) membership. The country landed $3 million in U.S. military aid in exchange for sending its troops, and Washington also covered the costs of the deployment.



VoteMatch is kind of cool. Check out Wes Clark analysis and others here.

Sunday, September 28, 2003


We did not have perfect foresight into what we were going to find in Iraq,'' Condi Rice told NBC's `Meet the Press.'


"Tee Ball"

Featuring President George W. Bush.


"A Free Society"

Blue and Green Square Featuring Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and NYC audience members, with journalist Jeffrey Goldburg and special appearance by Wes Clark. Sample from digital music channel. Profanity.

Saturday, September 27, 2003


Damfacrats have detected a common tactic used by biased media lately. They cut off the cheering and applause that follows a Democratic candidate's quality sound bite.


On Friday evening, Clark participated in a Town Hall meeting in New Hampshire. He took the opportunity to clarify many of his positions. By the way, Wes has stated publicly that he voted for Al Gore in 2000.

Blue and Green Square As far as Damfacrats are aware, no major-party candidate has ever gone near the word "marijuana" on the Presidiential trail, except when noting it as a gateway drug. When Wes Clark was asked if he would continue the current Federal policy of prosecuting medical marijuana use in states that had made it legal, the general had a one word answer: "no."Blue and Green Square

He had a similarly straightforward answer when asked if he would encourage or discourage an anti-gay marriage amendment. "I would discourage that kind of amendment," he said.

Blue and Green SquareClark made it clear that he would not support any extensions or additions to the Patriot Act. He also said it should undergo scrutiny so Americans can determine if it is used, needed or wanted, because he sees no reason for it.

In regard to the tax cuts, Clark's plan would repeal them for the top 2% of income-earners. He endorsed a progressive tax and openly stated that he believes those who make more should pay more.

Blue and Green Square His environmental ideal is to reduce the dependence on foreign energy "down to zero." He demands a renewable energy policy, supports increased mileage standards for automobiles, and opposes oil drilling in Alaska. He is a "huntin and fishin" environmentalist.

His foreign policy stance against the Iraq "blunder" is well-known but he also clarified his disappointment at our failure to help in Liberia. Damfacrats came out in favor of helping Liberia a month ago. ("Real Juju" Aug. 28)

Friday, September 26, 2003


A propane pipeline blew up in Illinois today. ConocoPhillips is blaming it on lightning. Again? Also today, a "flaming boat" drifted toward the Benicia refinery in California, where firefighters lined up, just in case. The flaming boat drifted the other way.

Blue and Green Square Sep. 24 - Houston Centerpoint refinery explosion. Quote from witness: "It was real hot, like the sun, but it wasn't the sun, it was the fire."

Sep. 23 - ExxonMobil refinery fire in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Sep. 22 - In Edmond, Oklahoma, 160,000 gallons of crude spilled in a park after a bulldozer ruptured a BP America pipeline.

Sep. 21 - A Simga-Aldrich Corp. chemical plant exploded in Miamisburg, Ohio for unknown reasons, causing 2000 people to evacuate a Dayton suburb. Quote from plant worker: "I've never been this scared in my life.''Blue and Green Square

Sep. 18 - Pueblo, Colorado Depot, storing 50-year-old chemical weapons, detects "low-level" mustard gas leaks.

Sep. 17 - Ten-minute fire at ChevronTexaco energy research facility adjacent to refinery in Richmond, California.

Sep. 14 - Valero refinery fire in Houston, Texas.

Sep. 10 - Small fire at PPL nuclear power plant near Berwick, Pa

Sep. 3 - One man injured by explosion at Conoco refinery in Billings, Montana.

Blue and Green Square Related: A New Jersey abandoned chemical plant is leaking toxins. "The owner of the factory, Robert Lindley, apparently left a note saying he would be gone on vacation for two weeks but he never returned to the factory."

Semi-related: Four incenidary devices found in Michigan water-bottling plant on Thursday. ELF takes responsibility.

Thank you


Blue and Green Square"The way we're really going to grow the economy is to invest in ... new high-technology, biotechnology industries that will create the millions of new jobs.'' -- Sen. Joe Lieberman.


Blue and Green Square During the debate, Dick Gephart went after Howard Dean and accused him of "would-have" voting with Newt Gingrich on Medicare cuts. Dean said he was "ashamed" that Gephart would compare any candidate with Newt Gingrich and claimed he's done more for health care than Richard Gephart ever has.Blue and Green Square

John Kerry started badly with some bourgeoise crack about "the ticker" being "down." He won points with his firm stance on maintaining middle class tax cuts, unlike Dean and Gephart.

In post-debate commentary, Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman openly mimicked Kerry's longish face. Chris Matthews is right when he says that Gephart must win Iowa or he is finished.

Matthews likes Dean and compliments him because Dean is outside the Clinton circle, which Matthews despises.
Blue and Green Square
Damfacrats sure like that Howard Dean, too. But, as William Jefferson Clinton told us recently, while we can "fall in love" with any of the candidates during the primary, we all must "fall in line" next year.


Al Sharpton, as "the only New Yorker," paid some Rangel-ized respect to Wesley Clark during the debate. He said he wanted to welcome the General to New York City and advised him not to be defensive about his embryonic Democratic allegiance.

"Better to be a new Democrat and a real Democrat" than these "old Democrats," the Reverend Al said, "who have been acting like Republicans lately."

Clark did fine because he looked good, made no major errors and the others did not attack him. This is Chess, not Checkers. He gave some fuzzy answers but was careful to clarify a response in there somewhere when it counted.

Blue and Green Square Notes are bad but he handled them well and it gives him an underdog charm. Still, he may want to reconsider emphasizing the fact that he has only been in politics for nine days, even though it had to be said to excuse his supposed "contradiction" about Iraq.

His voice was somewhat damaged from speeches. He met his goals and stayed on message: I'm proud to be a patriotic Democrat and Bush needs to go.

Thursday, September 25, 2003


The question has been raised as to why some of the 10 candidates have not yet dropped out and gotten out of the way of those who might actually have a chance of winning the nomination. The answer is that each candidate plays a specific role in regard to mobilizing the support needed to win next November.

Sharpton Al Sharpton is actually doing better than several of the other candidates. He has the ear of Black voters, who vote 90%+ Democratic. The party needs Sharpton to register voters and encourage Black voter participation. As he pointed out a few weeks ago, if the same number of Blacks that voted in 1984 had voted in 2000, Al Gore would be President. Also, Al Sharpton is the dominant orator and can afford to make strong statements that the others cannot.

Dennis Kucinich Dennis Kucinich is a liberal's liberal. He whips up the far left contingency and sounds the alarm for lower class and working class voters. He stands firmly on principle and reminds us that it is not outrageous to suggest pulling right out of Iraq, rather than throwing good money after bad and letting more soldiers die in pursuit of a failed adventure. Damfacrats dig his ideas for a Department of Peace and reducing Pentagon budgets. Think Ohio.

Carol Mosely-Braun Carol Mosely-Braun also motivates the Black vote but particularly, she bends the ears of women who feel strongly about the female pursuit of real power in America. She has made some bad gaffes, including frank misstatements of the law and contradictory policy positions. She was the first and only Black female Senator. She will be the second to go.

Blue and Green Square Joe Lieberman, unfortunately, needs to stick around as the icon for the bitter robbery of the 2000 Selection. His name and face refresh the country's memory on this issue but, honestly, Damfacrats can't wait for this Bush-lite muppet's departure.

Blue and Green Square John Edwards does not yet realize that he cannot win and that the party is too smart to put forward a trial lawyer as the candidate. Too easily vilified. Still, he is the best-looking candidate and the party can never have too many spokespersons with thick Southern accents. He will drop out a month after Al Sharpton and Wes Clark beat him in South Carolina.

Blue and Green Square Bob Graham has currency in his home state of Florida, which, as noted, is a key state. He has the status of an elder statesman and he is holding on to the hope of getting the VP nomination. It's too bad his image and style does nothing for the masses because his message is usually excellent. He will be the first to step aside.

John Kerry Howard Dean, John Kerry and Dick Gephart still have a legitimate shot at the nomination but, in regard to next November, I don't see a purpose for John Kerry anymore. He is a cheap and plastic snobby-sounding New England "long-face" and he needs to wake up to reality: his beloved and phony war-horse trump card has been torched by the real thing, the favorite, Four Starswhose name need not be mentioned.

Blue and Green Square


Blue and Green Square


"Three years ago, we were told we were getting a compassionate conservative."

Blue and Green SquareBlue and Green SquareBlue and Green Square

"What we got instead were massive tax cuts for the rich, staggering deficits for the country, and the worst job losses since the Great Depression. That's not compassionate or conservative; it's heartless, it's reckless, and it's wrong. And if you elect me president, I'll put it right." --WKC

Blue and Green Square

Wednesday, September 24, 2003


The CIA has announced that David Kay of the Pentagon's Iraq Survey Group will report that nothing has been found. In light of this, Damfacrats are relieved to report that their prediction, that the Group would plant evidence, did not come true.

CIA spokesman Bill Harlow summoned the persistant refrain on this issue: "We expect it will reach no firm conclusions, nor will it rule anything in or out."

Truly Scary GermsTruly Scary GermsTruly Scary GermsTruly Scary Germs The report will indicate that the Group found 'not even a "minute" amount of chemical, biological or nuclear materials, nor any delivery systems nor laboratories for developing such weapons" and that the weapons are not hidden in Syria.


Regarding Damfacratic inquiry as to how much time is wasted in an average hour of Fox television, my answer is this:

(From 2002 figures - per hour of programming)

Raven Paddling

CBS showed the biggest increase in non-programming time in primetime, rising 26 seconds to 16:04. NBC, despite a decrease of 43 seconds, remained the most cluttered network in primetime, while ABC is the least cluttered. All of the Big Four - including Fox -- are within one minute of each other for non-program minutes in primetime.

Blue and Green SquareBlue and Green SquareBlue and Green SquareBlue and Green Square

Non-programming time includes network and local commercial time, public service announcements, public service promotions, on-air promotions by the networks, and program credits not run over continuing program action.


Now that Petrolican leaders such as Bob Bennet of Utah are accusing the media of lying and claiming that things are going great over in Iraq, it is appropriate to set forth the true test of whether there is any kind of stability or meaningful success: are Insurance companies willing to insure businesses and other undertakings in and around Baghdad?

Charles Berry, Blue and Green Square chairman of the BPL Global insurance company, says this: ”I don't think there is a pile of direct investment for Iraq waiting for the right insurance cover to turn up. When the situation settles down, investment will go in, and then it will be easier to finance if the right kind of insurance is available.”

When Nationwide and Allstate feel comfortable underwriting this disaster, Damfacrats will be willing to entertain the concept that things are at least starting at zero.

By the way, at what point did Mara Liason of NPR decide to sell out to Fox News? The Damfacratic theory is that Fox and the administration have dirt on each of these puppets' personal lives, which they will not expose so long as the puppets stay on the strings.


Blue and Green Square Neil Young -"Vampire Blues"- from On the Beach1974

I'm a vampire, baby
Sucking blood from the Earth
I'm a vampire, baby
Sucking blood from the Earth
I'm a vampire, baby
Sell you twenty barrels worth

I'm a black bat, baby
Bangin on your window pane
I'm a black bat, baby
Bangin on your window pane
I'm a black bat, baby
I need my high octane

Blue and Green SquareGood times are comin'
I hear it everywhere I go
Good times are comin'
I hear it everywhere I go
Good times are comin'
But they sure are comin' slow


Blue and Green Square The General was in New York City today, giving a speech about his plan to help the economy. He discussed a shift of 100 billion dollars, from the hands of the wealthy tax-cut recipients, into several areas in need of a boost.

Nearly half the money would go toward improving homeland security, including hospital readiness and better port security, while another 40 billion would go to aid local and state governments. Clark would reserve 20 billion dollars to provide incentives to new businesses that create jobs.

Look for Clinton's remark at the Iowa Steak Fry to be the next #1 hit song: the future of jobs and growth in America is the pursuit of renewable energy.


In considering the legality, or lack thereof, of constantly posting links and excerpts, Damfacrats are returning to their own reporters to get the story out. (So here's what we learned from other reporters).

New York Governor Pataki and NYS Rep Committee Chair Sandy Treadwell are claiming that Bush will win New York next year. Perhaps the Ravenites would like to bet on this proposition as well, although Damfacrats recommend putting your money on a certain General we may have mentioned. 23% of NY Republicans plan to vote against Bush.

Bush went to the UN, hat in hand, uh, well, with something in his hand, and he asked for...what, exactly? Oh yeah, he feels that the UN can play a vital role in drafting a constitution and being hall monitors during the quasi-possible Iraqi elections. Anything else? Nope. Too bad the Pubs wouldn't let the UN monitor the November 2002 U.S. elections.

Blue and Green Square Bush gave an interview with Brit Hume on Sunday, which was broadcast on Monday evening. What a pity party. Poor ole' "little ole me," he said, sniffling about how people said mean things about his Dad and about his torn "little meniscus." He said he likes to "put a little float(ie) on and run" in the pool.

His discussion of the olive/arrow variations regarding the Oval Office rug was lifted straight from the West Wing.

Amazingly, Hume cut away from one of the segments with the comment, "We'll talk about the economy next but, as you'll see, everything goes back to the War on Terror." Could it be that Fox is finally following the advice given by Damfacrats in the early summer, that is, to turn on the President and ride the wave of disgust?

The interview was also characterized by massive advertising. Damfacrats have commissioned a study to analyze the percentage of ads, silence, mumbling, hemming and hawing respectively, in comparison to the amount of time Bush was actually speaking about something. (Update update: uggabugga has the sweet breakdown).

Damfaudio supplement on the interview is available by request.


(From The Guardian)

Blue and Green Square The administration has never been able to make the case effectively,'' he argued in February, shortly before the war began. ``The American public doesn't understand the urgency of this, and there's not broad support.''

He asked Americans then not to blame the soldiers because they were only following orders into battle. ``And my concern is that this is a political issue; the president and his party put this forward,'' he said bitingly.

Clark also was cautious about plunging into battle after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, when many Americans were out for vengeance.

Three days after the attacks, he counseled this response: ``It's fundamentally a police effort against individuals. It's not a military effort directed against factories and airfields. You may still need to use military force, but you have to use it in a very precise way.''


On Iraq, before any shots were fired, Clark sketched out the dangers that would follow the fall of Saddam Hussein.

``I think there will be a lot of tensions inside Iraq, and I think that we will be welcomed very warmly at the outset but afterward, as these tensions begin to assert themselves, it'll be convenient for many different groups to look on us as the source of their problems rather than the solution,'' he said in February. ``And I think our troops will be at some risk there.''

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


"In head-to-head matchups, registered voters said if the election were held today, almost half, 49 percent, would support Clark, while 46 percent would support Bush, which is within the poll's margin of error."

WASHINGTON – One week after he announced he was running for the Democrat nomination for president, retired Gen. Wesley Clark has surged to the head of the pack.

A USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll found Clark leading the field with 22 percent of Democrats who are registered to vote, followed by Dean at 13 percent, Sen. John Kerry and Rep. Dick Gephardt at 11 percent each, Sen. Joe Lieberman at 10 percent and other Democrats at 4 percent or less.

Monday, September 22, 2003


"Perhaps there is just no television set at Cheney's place. Unfortunately for the vice president, however, there was a video player at NBC, and Russert used it to play back Cheney's assertion, during a similar interview last March, that Saddam Hussein had reconstituted nuclear weapons.

Blue and Green Square"You misspoke," said Russert, putting it politely.

"Yeah," Cheney said quite coolly. "I did misspeak
. ... We never had any evidence that he had acquired a nuclear weapon."

Russert also showed a clip from the same March show, in which he asked whether the United States was prepared for the resistance that usually meets conquerors, and Cheney answered: "The read we get on the people of Iraq is there's no question they want to get rid of Saddam Hussein and they will welcome us as liberators."

But, Russert said last Sunday, "We have not been greeted as liberators." "

Cheney's comment: "Well, I think we have by most Iraqis."

Bygones. The misspeaking served its purpose, scaring Americans and getting us into a war of White House choice. Now, said Cheney last week, "There has been significant success in putting Iraq back together again. ... Most of Iraq is stable and quiet."

That is his story and he's sticking to it. In fact, Cheney has served his purpose, and there is reason to believe that his stubborn service to president and nation will end one way or another after the next election.

Although Cheney told The Dallas Morning News last May that Bush has asked him to be his running mate again in 2004, that may not happen."


thanks B-flash

Sunday, September 21, 2003


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Retired Gen. Wesley Clark raised $750,000 in the first three days of his Democratic presidential campaign, campaign officials said Sunday.

Advisers say the money does not include the $1.9 million that supporters pledged before he entered the race Wednesday. The campaign intends to notify those supporters, members of various Draft-Clark organizations, and ask them to back up their pledges with cash.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen. Joseph Biden, a former Democratic presidential candidate, says he's leaning this year toward supporting his Senate colleague John Kerry or the newcomer, retired Gen. Wesley Clark.

But, Biden was asked, what if Mrs. Clinton should decide after all to run in 2004?

``Look, this is one of the few people in all of America who's known by every single American,'' Biden said. ``The good news is the bad news: Everybody has an opinion.''

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen. John Edwards dismissed a national poll released over the weekend that showed the newcomer, retired Gen. Wesley Clark, among the leaders in the 10-candidate Democratic presidential campaign.

Asked if Clark had become the man to beat, Edwards replied, ``Anybody can be beaten.''

``This thing's just starting,'' he said. ``Voters are just beginning to pay attention.''

Edwards formally announced his candidacy Wednesday. Just before he took the stage in his hometown, word leaked out that Clark planned to enter the race a couple of hours later, which stole the media spotlight from Edwards and the headlines of Thursday morning's newspapers.

``Gen. Clark's not very well known across America, but he had a couple of days of being on television,'' Edwards said Sunday.


The current leader of the Democratic presidential challengers is retired US Army general Wesley Clark -- who announced his candidacy on Wednesday and collected 14 per cent of the vote among registered Democrats in the poll.***

In a test election against Bush, the Newsweek poll found that 43 per cent of registered voters would vote for Clark or lean toward Clark, compared with 47 per cent who said they would vote for Bush or lean toward the president.

Despite this, a sizeable chunk of all those polled, 45 per cent, said they had never heard of the retired general before.

The poll canvassed 1,001 adults between September 18 and 19 and had a three-percentage-point margin of error.

©2003 AAP


("Among the leaders" is a strange way to characterize 1st place)

WASHINGTON -- Retired Gen. Wesley Clark already appears to be very competitive in a new national poll released Saturday just days after he became the 10th Democratic presidential candidate.

Clark was among the leaders of the Democratic candidates in the Newsweek Poll and was not far behind President Bush in a head-to-head matchup in the poll taken only days after entering the race.

Clark, with 14 percent, was grouped among the leaders, along with former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean and Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, both at 12 percent, and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry at 10 percent.

Other candidates were in single digits.

Saturday, September 20, 2003


Damfa and local Wes Clark leaders convened Thursday afternoon, at one of the chain sit-down restaurants on the Boulevard. Members of the Fouth Estate were present as was a member of Clark's family. The campaign -and the attacks- have begun.

John McLaughlin predicted tonight that Wesley Clark will drop out of the race before Super Tuesday in March. Bye Bye!

The first major news story on Clark was a supposed "flip-flop" regarding his stance on the Iraq war.

Raven discovered a picture of him wearing a funny hat.

The Rush "Limpballs" Limbaugh machine is cranking out daily anti-Clark propaganda. The web site features unflattering cartoons and tries to paint him as a Perot-like whacko ("There's something not right about this guy").

Republicans are saying, with unflinching hypocrisy, that Clinton "misrepresented the reasons for going to war" in the Balkans. They say Clark is a puppet and a Stalking Horse for the Clintons. One crazy site is even accusing him of being a Trojan Horse for Neo-Cons in the administration.

Damfacrats had theorized that actual troop-bashing was extinct but, apparently, it has been cloned by Petrolican pundits in the form of this "WWIII" quote. Maybe next they will call him a "baby-killer" for his service in Vietnam.

Clark is going to do just fine, in fact, he is going to become wildly popular. In a teleconference with a key Rat Dog Damfacrat, party members agreed that if this weak criticism is the best Petrolicans can sling, they are going to look pretty stupid.

The General may have to dumb some things down for us for a while. The nuances of "what he would have done" as a make-believe Senator might honestly reveal that, given many factors, he would have voted for the resolution.

For anyone who has been listening, this man has done nothing but criticize the decision to go to war, its presentation to the American people and the faltering aftermath. It is absurd that his statements about a hypothetical scenario create any ambiguity in that regard.

America is not overly nuanced, so these stories shouldn't hurt him very much -but first impressions matter. Wes learned the hard way why it is important to Stay On Message. Dumb it down and be repetitive. Just one of many Petrolican tricks that the D's can use against them. Anyway, as expressed at the press conference, the Wes Wing people are working on name recognition right now and it looks like that is going pretty well.



Damfacrats highly reccommend Bill Clinton speech at 1:47:30 of streaming video under the Most Watched Videos on the C-Span home page.

How could we thank C-Span enough?

Friday, September 19, 2003

JEWISH TIMES: Raised a Southern Baptist who later converted to Roman Catholicism, Gen. Wesley Clark knew just what to say when he strode into a Brooklyn yeshiva in 1999, ostensibly to discuss his leadership of NATO's victory in Yugoslavia.

"I feel a tremendous amount in common with you," the uniformed four-star general told the stunned roomful of students. "I am the oldest son, of the oldest son, of the oldest son -- at least five generations, and they were all rabbis."

The incident could be a signal of how Clark, who became the 10th contender in the Democratic run for the presidency on Wednesday, relates to the Jews and the issues dear to them.

Apparently Clark, 58, revels in his Jewish roots.

He told The Jewish Week in New York, which first reported the yeshiva comment in 1999, that his ancestors were not just Jews, but members of the priestly caste of Kohens.

Clark's Jewish father, Benjamin Kanne, died when he was 4, but he has kept in touch with his father's family since his 20s, when he rediscovered his Jewish roots. He is close to a first cousin, Barry Kanne, who heads a pager company in Georgia.

FL. HERALD TRIBUNE: Until now, only political experts and the media have closely followed candidates crisscrossing early voting states, but the public is starting to pay attention, Huffmon said.

"We've been watching every click up the hill and this roller coaster is about to start going," he said.

GAURDIAN: Others, however, saw Gen Clark's political virginity as his greatest asset. "In this season when Wall Street investment houses, the Catholic church and the New York Times have suffered scandals based on hiding the truth, Americans might be ready for a straight-talking, four-star general," said Jack Newfield in New York Newsday. "The whole culture ... seems to need a shot of truth-telling."

NEWSDAY: Rangel, D-N.Y., a ranking member of the House Ways and Means committee, said he is already pressing officials in his home district of Harlem, around his state, and in the Congressional Black Caucus to support Clark.

"Anybody that's against the war that can beat Bush is going to be overwhelmingly supported in the black community," Rangel said.

The congressman will meet Saturday morning with elected and religious leaders in his Harlem district to talk up Clark's candidacy.

"I'm going to share with them that this is the most emotional political decision of my life," he said. "I truly believe that my community would be better off in putting their money on this horse to win."

The Army retired general opposes the war in Iraq, favors abortion rights and affirmative action.

***In discussions with black lawmakers on Capitol Hill, Rangel said he's "had a whole lot of people say, `I want to see your man,' with a big smile on their face. I told the general I've got people on Ways and Means, people in the black caucus that want to talk with him."

One other New York congressman, Rep. Steve Israel, has already signed on to support Clark.

NY TIMES: Moving to fill in the blanks of his candidacy a day after he announced for president, General Clark also said that he had been a Republican who had turned Democratic after listening to the early campaign appeals of a fellow Arkansan, Bill Clinton.

Indeed, after caustically comparing the actions of the Bush administration to what he described as the abuses of Richard M. Nixon, he said that he voted for Mr. Nixon in 1972. He also said he had voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984.

The general's remarks in a free-rolling 90-minute airborne interview suggested the extent of the adjustment he faces in becoming a presidential candidate.

General Clark said his domestic priorities would include health insurance and rolling back parts of Mr. Bush's tax cuts. "I don't see why we can't have health insurance for every single American," he said.

Asked how he would pay for it, General Clark said he was open to some cuts in the budget he is more familiar with — the Pentagon's. "The armed forces are a want machine," he said. "They are structured to develop want."

KNIGHT RIDDER: "I would never have voted for war," Clark said in a speech at the University of Iowa. "I've seen that killing begets killing and hatred begets hatred, and it's no way to solve problems and resolve disputes." He called the invasion of Iraq and its aftermath a "major blunder."

"What I would have voted for is leverage. Leverage for the president of the United States to internationalize the challenge of Iraq … leverage for the United States to avoid a war. That's what we needed from that resolution. We didn't get that," Clark said.

Clark said Iraq never presented "an imminent threat" to the United States, which he said sent too few troops and was ill prepared to face a chaotic aftermath.

We are going to ask, `Why are we engaged in Iraq, Mr. President — tell the truth,' " he said, standing on a chair. "Why, Mr. President? Was it because Saddam Hussein was assisting the hijackers? Was it because Saddam Hussein had a nuclear weapon that might bring a nuclear cloud?"

The crowd shouted back answers. "Oil!" one person yelled. "Halliburton!" yelled another.

General Clark said: "We don't know. And that's the truth. And we have to ask that question."

Clark, 58, relaxed and speaking without notes about his experience as NATO supreme commander in the late 1990s, criticized the Bush administration's approach to international affairs, portraying it as go-it-alone and macho.

"We're not the sort of `you're with us or against us' kind of a people," he said, referring to Bush's warnings to other nations in the war on terror. "We're a `come and join us' kind of people."


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Thursday, September 18, 2003


Here's something from Damfa that was written back in the late spring/early summer some time....It was Rangel who was the first to stand up to the Petrolicans following the war and Damfacrats were paying close attention. Let's not forget that Rangel also stood up to Bill Thomas when Thomas sent the cops after Democrats to force another vote in committee. It was Thomas who ended up apologizing through crocodile tears on the House floor.

The Republican Rangel-er

The story of the week was Rep Charlie Rangel's declaration of all out "war," as the final conference report on the tax bill went through the House, with not one Democrat voting for it. His remarks inspired applause from Democrats, who also booed Republican speakers, including Bill Thomas, the new hero for the Neo-Cons, who was the face man for the tax bill in the House.

Charlie kept saying he was pleased and touched and amazed by the "honesty" of fellow Democrats. The tax bill was called "deceitful," "insidious" and a "fraud" by various Democrats, including the assertion that the American people were getting "jobbed not jobs" from this bill; now law.

One Republican said he was relieved that everyone's true colors were finally showing and with that, even Damfacrats can agree. After Republicans accused Democrats of playing the class-war card several times, Rangel proclaimed, "A class-war? You bet it is."

Rangel openly blasted Republicans, accusing them of trying to squeeze out all federal spending except defense. He even thanked the Republicans for doing something so harmful to the American people that he would later be able to say that it wasn't him making the mistake.


MATTHEWS: Yesterday’s “Washington Post,” you are quoted as saying you predicted Clark would win.

You said, “Nobody believed me when I said Hillary Clinton would be the next senator from New York. And nobody believes me now. But Wesley Clark will be the next president of the United States.”

Are you talking about him beating the incumbent president in 2004?

REP. CHARLES RANGEL (D), NEW YORK: I really do believe that this nation is so fearful of terrorist attacks, we don’t know how we got into war, we don’t know when it’s ever going to end. And anyone that challenges the president or commander in chief. as you call President Bush. carries the heavy weight of sounding unpatriotic.

General Clark removes this issue from the table. And you will not see, once he announces, you will not see President Bush landing on any more aircraft carriers in combat uniform.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

"My name is Wes Clark. I am from Little Rock, Arkansas, and I’m here to announce that I intend to seek the Presidency of the United States of America."

"And when I say we’re going to bring people together, I mean all people, not just Democrats, but Independents, and Republicans, too. And especially those who have never participated before. You’ll come with us."


"Get ready. We're movin out." -- Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark


Tuesday, September 16, 2003



1 pm -- Little Rock

Clark/Dean that order...

From the Raven's Nest:

Many offer to pay 12-year-old's RIAA settlement:

And speaking of that 12-year-old, Brianna Lahara has charitable donors lining up to pay her $2,000 bill in her settlement with the RIAA. File sharing network coalition P2P United and Rochester, N.Y., disc jockey Brother Wease have both offered to cover the fine. Lahara's mother, Sylvia Torres, already paid the $2,000 fine when the agreement was reached last Tuesday. Since then, Grokster has labeled the RIAA the Taliban of the music world and others have ridiculed the organization as an online bully. Online music site, an industry-okayed site, has offered to give Lahara $2,000 worth of free music.

Monday, September 15, 2003


"The Frontlines of Freedom"
Dr. Damfa

Featuring George W. Bush and Colin Powell with guest appearances by angry Larry King Show callers. Sample by Soul Coughing.

"What Democrats Do"
Dr. Damfa

Featuring the Democratic presidential candidates, except Lieberman and Kerry, with secret guest appearance by Jeff Goldblum. Samples by K.D. Lang, Flatt and Scruggs. Damfa on Damfophone samples with live Debate bells that ring on cue.

Available by email request

Sweet flash animation...

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Cash said in his 1997 autobiography "Cash" that he tried to speak for "voices that were ignored or even suppressed in the entertainment media, not to mention the political and educational establishments."

Cash once credited his mother, Carrie Rivers Cash, with encouraging him to pursue a singing career.

"My mother told me to keep on singing, and that kept me working through the cotton fields. She said God has his hand on you. You'll be singing for the world someday."


"All up in the kool-aid and doesn't know the flavor." Jill on GWB.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Dr. Damfa

The Special Committee on Arts and Sciences convened in the North Country over the weekend. The representative from South Carolina could not attend.


photo (2)


In a related story, the Rat Dog caucus conducted an investigation into the leak of a previously undisclosed email address but did not request removal from the Spamfacratic list, which commentators view as a sign of their allegiance.

Sources say the mainstream Damfacrats took the opportunity to discuss issues important to the splinter group, including Rat Dog disatisfaction with Clark "hand-wringing," poor Spamfacratic tech transfer, overreaching law enforcement and "blanket" terrorist warnings.


RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) -- A Saudi drug trafficker was beheaded Sunday, a Ministry of Interior statement said.

Dhaher bin Thamer al-Shimry was convicted of smuggling marijuana into the kingdom, the statement said.

Al-Shimry was beheaded in the eastern province of Hafr al-Baten, bringing the number of beheadings in the kingdom this year to 41, most of them drug traffickers. At least 49 people were beheaded last year.

This conservative country follows a strict interpretation of Islam under which people convicted of drug trafficking, murder, rape and armed robbery are executed. Beheadings are carried out with a sword in public.

Saturday, September 13, 2003


"Congress is not an ATM," Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., told Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz as he appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. "We have to be able to explain this huge, enormous bill to the American people."

visit uggabugga...


Always Get a Receipt

Ohio Vulnerable

sounds like "evil"

thanks BuzzFlash

Friday, September 12, 2003


(Reuters) - Actor Tommy Chong of the spaced-out, dope-smoking comedy duo "Cheech & Chong" was sentenced to nine months in prison and fined $20,000 on Thursday for distributing marijuana pipes over the Internet.

***Federal sentencing guidelines called for a prison term of six to nine months and a fine of up to $250,000.

Chong, who has no criminal record, is best known as the bearded and bespectacled member of "Cheech & Chong," who along with partner Cheech Marin became synonymous with the drug humor of the 1970s through comedy skits such as "Dave's Not Here" and movies like "Up In Smoke."

***Federal authorities in Pittsburgh have convicted 22 other national drug-paraphernalia distributors since 2000 through a program called "Operation Pipe Dreams."

"(Chong) wasn't the biggest supplier. He was a relatively new player. But he had the ability to market products like no other," U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan said.

Four months ago, Chong admitted distributing thousands of marijuana pipes, including large water-pipes known as bongs, through the Web sites and Prosecutors said some of the products turned up in western Pennsylvania.

He also admitted to promoting drug paraphernalia during personal appearances around the United States.

On Thursday, Schwab put the family-run company on three years' probation and ordered Chong to abandon his Web site domain names. The judge also instructed Chong to forfeit $103,000 in sales proceeds.

Prosecutors said Chong would likely surrender to federal authorities within five weeks and serve out his time at a prison near his home in Pacific Palisades, California.

Thank you BuzzFlash.


From the AP:

The strange case of an election tally that appears to have popped up on the Internet hours before polls closed is casting new doubts about the trustworthiness of electronic voting machines.

During San Luis Obispo County's March 2002 primary, absentee vote tallies were apparently sent to an Internet site operated by Diebold Election Systems Inc., (Read Wally World -Dr. D) the maker of the voting machines used in the election.

***But computer programmers say the incident is further evidence that electronic voting technology could allow a politically connected computer hacker to monitor balloting and, if the vote was going the wrong way, mobilize voters to swing the election.

***Silicon Valley computer experts have long criticized touch-screen voting machines, which do not normally provide a paper receipt and which send digital votes directly to a computer server. Programmers say software bugs, power outages or clever hackers could easily delete or alter data -- and recounts would prove impossible without paper backups.

***Voters who cast optical scan ballots typically use a pencil to fill in a bubble near their candidate's name on a sheet of paper, similar to standardized tests. Poll workers feed the ballots into a scanner, which records results on a precinct computer.

After polls close, results are sent to a central server via modem. Anytime modems are involved, hackers get an opportunity to intercept data, computer security experts say.

***Diebold, which won't say when the data showed up on the site, acknowledged the incident and says it is investigating how the data ended up on a public Internet site.

***Deborah Seiler, Diebold's West Coast sales representative, said Diebold engineers may have published the results as part of a test -- possibly days, weeks or months after the county primary, regardless of the time stamp. (YAH-Dr. D) She said a system of checks and balances safeguards Diebold's 33,000 voting machines nationwide from fraud.

"These activists don't understand what they're looking at," Seiler said.

***March questioned why San Luis Obispo County's server connected to a Diebold server at all -- particularly if it dialed out while polls were open. He said the "phone home" incident could have been the work of an incompetent or malicious Diebold insider, or an outside hacker.

***"In our quest to deliver faster, more accurate election results, we've left the voting process wide open to new forms of attack and mismanagement," Alexander said.

Thursday, September 11, 2003




If you apply the same measures used by Madison Avenue to gauge the success of most marketing communications campaigns - media impressions - bin Laden's reach into our innermost psyches has faded, not grown, two years after the attacks.

Wednesday's world media coverage of bin Laden drew less than half the number of stories it did on Sept. 10, 2002, the eve of the first anniversary of the attacks, according to a MediaPost analysis of press coverage compiled by the Lexis/Nexis news database.

Interestingly, the falloff has been greater for overseas media outlets - the ones that presumably are more targeted at bin Laden's actual constituency - than the U.S. press. While coverage of bin Laden declined 47% among U.S. newspapers and wire services, it fell 61% among non-U.S. news outlets.

Perhaps most significant of all, bin Laden's coverage in the category Nexis defines as "Major World Publications" fell 73% from Sept. 10, 2002.

"Osama bin Laden"


Major World Publications-----161 ------43 ------- -73%

U.S. Papers/Wires-------------252 -------133 ------- -47%

Non-U.S. Papers/Wires-------285 -------110 ------- -61%

All News Sources--------------697 -------321 ------- -54%

Wednesday, September 10, 2003


How appropriate:

Doug Saunders in The Globe and Mail explained how this subsidy system works: "While the film is intended for US viewers, it is produced in collaboration with Toronto-based Dufferin Gate Productions in order to take advantage of Canadian government incentives.

It is eligible for the federal Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit, the Ontario Film and Television Production Services Tax Credit, and a federal tax-shelter program, which together could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in Canadian government checks being sent to the producers."


From the AP Wire:

Ex-inspectors now say, five months after the U.S. invasion, that the "unaccountables'' may have been no more than paperwork glitches left behind when Iraq destroyed banned chemical and biological weapons years ago.

Some may represent miscounts, they say, and some may stem from Iraqi underlings' efforts to satisfy the boss by exaggerating reports on arms output in the 1980s.

"Under that sort of regime, you don't admit you got it wrong,'' said Ron G. Manley of Britain, a former chief U.N. adviser on chemical weapons.


Rumsfeld claims that anti-Bush sentiment inspires terrorists while simultaneously claiming that invading Iraq does not inspire them because, supposedly, "the bad guys would go after us no matter what."


Don't lose focus, America...

Where are they going with this machine that they need it to be wireless?


10. Bristol-Myers Squibb

And finally, it appears that there are certain large corporations which were so keen to see George W. Bush elected in 2000 that they threatened their employees to donate to his campaign - or else. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, "top Bristol-Myers executives" sent messages to some employees telling them to "donate the maximum - $US1000 ($1500) in their own name and $US1000 in their spouse's - and if they failed to do so, their names would be forwarded to the company's then chief executive, Charles Heimbold." Purely coincidentally, of course, Bush's ascension to the White House has proved to be a massive boon for drug companies like Bristol-Myers Squibb, who are now able to shaft the consumer far more effectively and throughly than they would have been able to under Al Gore's prescription drug plan. However, since it is apparently illegal under federal law for companies to use "coercion to force a person to make a political contribution," I expect we'll see the Justice Department leap into action at any moment to prosecute these companies, won't we? Yeah, right - and then John Aschroft will announce that he's converting to Islam. See you next week!"

Thank you DU


The corporate losers must have missed this one when they were shredding in anticipation of the Freedom of Info Law response:

"In the email, Myron Ebell of the Exxon-funded Competitive Enterprise Institute writes to Phil Cooney, a senior official at the White House Council for Environmental Quality.

According to the two State Attorney Generals, the email obtained by Greenpeace

"reveals great intimacy between CEI and [Bush Administration official Cooney] in their strategizing about ways to minimize the problem of global warming. It also suggests that CEQ [the Council of Environmental Quality] may have been directly involved in efforts to undermine the United States' official reports, as well as the authority of the EPA Administrator."


More Raven participation:

"Also Wednesday morning, Bush met briefly in the White
House residence with the Dalai Lama. The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, who has campaigned for the cause of a free Tibet since fleeing his land for India in 1959 after a failed revolt against Chinese rule, is on his first tour of the United States in more than two years.

Afterward, the Dalai Lama told reporters that Bush showed a "a genuine interest and a genuine sympathy, so I am quite sure that, whatever way, they will help us.""


From Raven:

"The original Patriot Act has drawn fire from civil liberties groups and their supporters in Congress, and a Senate Democratic source said Republicans have been seeking alternate ways to package new anti-terror measures.

Bush will urge Congress to pass three major measures, McClellan said. They are:

-- Allowing law enforcement authorities to bypass a judge or grand jury and issue ``administrative subpoenas'' in terrorism investigations where ``time is of the essence.''

-- Expanding the ability to presumptively deny bail for terrorism suspects. McClellan said this was essential to preventing suspects from fleeing.

-- Expanding the death penalty for terror related crimes."


Raven has wagered 100 dollars against the equivalent in Damfadollars and he has placed his money on Dubya. Raven does not support Dubya but feels his re-selection is predictable. (That's what you think)(We'll see)(Yes we will)

A Raven blog contribution... excerpt:

"Only after the new ad investments had been made did corporate profits begin to rebound. Just when everyone had given up on the employment market, jobs began to grow as companies hired to fill the demand generated by the ad investments. Unemployed workers, with short memories, were so happy to see their colleagues getting jobs that they forgave the Bushies, voted for a second term and hoped for their own re-employment."

"You Decide"

OK ...technical problems temporarily solved...Damfacrats back in action...hope anyone who got the audio supplement, "Frontlines of Freedom," found it listenable.

Monday, September 08, 2003

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Sunday, September 07, 2003


Saturday, September 06, 2003


Our current Dubya is just a Dubya. It was his dad who had the "H Dubya" in his name.

As for him winning "Fair and balanced" back in 2000, yes, it's ancient history. By the way, his presidential selection was only legitimate if you've never seen any media outside the United States. American journalist Greg Palast does a great job of proving the dirt on Dubya's brother, Jeb, who was governor of Florida in 2000 and who rigged the voter roles to de-register common Damfacratic voters like tu y yo.

In regard to the claim that there will be no Damfacratic "majority" anymore, I find it interesting to note that Senator Bore actually got 500,000+ more votes than his Petrolican opponent. Clinton's perjury cost us plenty but, again, that's ancient history and so is Bill. Bill could have been the antichrist and you still couldn't blame him for what Dubya has spastically damaged in a post-9/11 hysteria.

The two main complaints against Damfacrats appear to be whining and hypocrisy. As to the former, I didn't think it was whining to ask for a piece of paper that confirms my computer vote in the FUTURE election. If the vote is fixed nationwide you can kiss your right to Hitchworld good-bye because the people whom the scam will benefit are holy-rollers who don't like freedom of expression and don't like songs with names like "Dirty Movies."

As to the latter, hypocrisy, there is a difference between intolerance and judgment. I'll tolerate every kind of ourageous attitude or policy idea, any kind of ill-informed rhetoric, and any kind of Dubya that I think the American people could honestly choose, until the end of time. I will also judge them all and reject them as, indeed, JesterStar - "terrible" and "useless" - and I won't tolerate some kind of computer election meddling.

Hypocrisy reigns in a "compassionate" administration that is pro-nuclear, pro-oil, pro-war, pro-non-breather, pro-BornAgain, pro-Saudi, pro-deficit and pro-censorship. Mr. War-on-Terror creates new terrorists every day with his heavy-handed Petrolican adventure in Iraq. Thanks to Dubya diplomacy, 90% of the planet doesn't like us anymore and that sure doesn't make us safer.

The would-be "best man" is spending 100 billion dollars to make the water and electricity function for people who shoot at our soldiers, after he just spent 50 billion to disrupt it all in the first place. I would say "it's your money" but it's really not, because we borrowed it all from Communist China and Social Security. Still, it would be nice to get a few crumbs of that to spend somewhere on our side of the planet. It's not the criminals, apparently, who have superior rights. It's the Iraqis.

Finally, for the one-issue voters who crave gun freedom, I respect that. Those folks can safely vote to re-select Dubya with integrity.


"I don't give a damn about Rumsfeld. All I give a damn about is going home. *** The only thing his visit meant for us was we had to clean up a lot of mess to make the place look pretty. And he didn't even look at it anyway." --Specialist Rue Gretton, September 2003

''Why should we hear about body bags and deaths and how many, what day it's gonna happen? *** It's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?'' -- Barbara Bush, March 18, 2003

"'America Says: Don't Get Between Me And My TV.'' -- Joint lobbying slogan for Viacom, Fox/Murdoch and GE/NBC conglomerists.

"God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them." --Resigned Palestine Prime Minister Abu Mazin, quoting President Bush to Arab newspaper.

Thanks Buzzflash.


Thank you


From AP:

Chronically short of musicians for military funerals, the Pentagon has approved the use of a push-button bugle that plays taps by itself as the operator holds it to his lips. A real bugler still will be used when available. Otherwise, the family of the deceased service member will be offered the ceremonial bugle as an alternative to prerecorded taps, often played on a boom box.

Use of the $500 instrument "is intended to enhance the dignity of military funeral honors," the Pentagon said.

Also, it plays "an exceptionally high-quality rendition of taps that is virtually indistinguishable from a live bugler," the Pentagon said.


"From my perspective, however, I know that belief in God and prayer, and prayers of people on our behalf, makes a huge difference. Just living this life -- when you realize that there is an Almighty God on whom you can rely -- it provides a great comfort. That's why I read every morning, the Bible and scriptures and Charles Stanley devotionals. It matters a lot to me personally. - Bush

"Of all the concerns I have, of all the issues of war and peace, and prosperity and freedom -- all the things I work on and think about a lot in this job -- my biggest concern is whether or not those girls are happy. --Bush ***

"To which she adds that if Jenna were to come home and announce she'd met someone just like her husband, George Bush, 30 years ago, she'd approve. She says her advice is, "Just wait till you find someone like your daddy.

"Do you like that [standard]?" interviewer Noonan asks, turning to the President.

Bush demurs. "That's a pretty low standard. ***

Bush says that the roles with his father have reversed under the glaring media spotlight. "When he was the president, I would agonize when I would hear things said about him that I knew weren't true, and I hurt for him when the traditional slings and arrows of politics were fired at him. And now the roles are reversed.

And the truth of the matter is it doesn't bother me one whit what they say. And I don't pay attention to it. I've got a job to do.

I frankly know more about what is going on on a lot of the subjects than a lot of the pundits, and I'm confident in our team, and I'm confident in this administration. And therefore, I end up spending time with my dad telling him not to worry, that I am doing great. We feel wonderful. Laura's terrific. I'm happy."

From Ladies Home Journal


"It tells you what you need to know about Fox News. They're just ...oh, what's a good word for them...they're just...huge assholes over there." - Al Franken

"And I said on my program, if, if the Americans go in and overthrow Saddam Hussein and it's clear he had nothing, I will apologize to the nation, and I will not trust the Bush administration again." -- Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, March 18, 2003

"There is no strategy or mechanism for putting the pieces together ... we're in danger of failing. *** My contemporaries, our feelings and sensitivities were forged on the battlefields of Vietnam, where we heard the garbage and the lies, and we saw the sacrifice ... I ask you, is it happening again?" - retired Marine Gen. Anthony C. Zinni, who endorsed President Bush in the 2000 campaign

"This President is a miserable failure." --Missouri Rep. Richard Gephardt, presidential candidate

"There's great talk about the might of America and we're mighty." George W. Bush

"If that ever happened, I'd say the Bush recession would be followed by the Dean depression." - Joe "Cheap Shot" Lieberman, presidential candidate.

"Al Sharpton is a great American" - Dennis Kucinich, presidential candidate.

Thursday, September 04, 2003


"it's like a dumb puppy that has big teeth that can bite and hurt you, aggressive, *** My daughter is four, my boy is one. I'd like them to see America as a toy, a broken toy. *** I was ecstatic they re-named 'French Fries' as 'Freedom Fries *** Grown men and women in positions of power in the U.S. government showing themselves as idiots."

-- Johnny Depp*

"I am very disturbed about the direction American foreign policy is going *** Something needs to be done to help alleviate the conditions which have created a disenfranchised and angry faction in the Middle East *** I don't think military intervention is the correct solution. I regret what we as a country have done so far. *** I'm very troubled by the proliferation of arms. *** So many people in the United States carry guns."

--Harrison Ford

*Depp also said something about getting out of America...Damfacrats disagree and will stick with it.

Thanks to Missy.


Damfacrats are advising the use of caution when reading headlines that end with a question mark.

Usually, if you remove the question mark, you can see the true gravity of the story, despite the media's attempt to soften it: "SAUDIS BEHIND 9/11?" or "W STANDS FOR WHISTLE ASS?" or "PETROLICANS LOVE SAUDI DICTATORS?"

On the other hand, one also has to watch out for headlines with question marks where the answer to the question is clearly "no." For example, "WAS 9/11 BILL CLINTON"S FAULT?" or "COULD CLINTON HAVE STOPPED BIN LADEN?" or the classic: "BUSH UNBEATABLE?"

This has been a Spamfa alert.

Dr. Damfa

The Damfacrats seem to be winning a few skirmishes here and there.

In California, Arnold is falling in the poles, skipping debates and getting egged. Seemingly principled conservatives are in-fighting with the administration's puppeteers.

The President has heard the people's voice and has gone to the UN, even if it is just for show. His approval ratings are falling. Wesley Clark beat him in a blind-bio poll, got on board with the Damfacrats and appears to be the Clintons' champion.

Miguel Estrada's name was withdrawn from judicial nomination in the Senate. The Ten Commandments side show was shown the door.

The blame for the blackout is correctly falling on FirstEnergy, a Bush-loyal energy company. As usual, they won't blame a specific person. Like NASA, the administration, the CIA, the FBI and everybody else these days, FirstEnergy is using the "culture of incompetence" argument to dilute blame within the company.

The mainstream press is finally examining the stories about Saudi Arabia's 9/11 connection.

A tough-on-crime, longer-sentences South Dakota Republican is standing tall before the Bench and facing felony manslaughter charges for what he has done. Even America is incapable of overlooking that sort of hypocrisy.

People are beginning to recognize that Iraq is a disaster, which, to them, wouldn't matter too much if it wasn't for the fact that it is their money being flushed down the toilet. They are also beginning to realize that the corporate criminals remain free, the EPA is an anti-environmental tool for Bush's industrial interests, and that Bush can't eat a pretzel, ride a scooter, hold a dog or wave from a flying machine (thanks Jilly) without bumping his head.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003


Today, for the first time, the General officially announced that he is no Petrolican:

From Inside Politics, CNN:

WOODRUFF: I want to ask you, first of all, you have been saying for months that you're neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Are you now ready to declare that you belong to, swear your allegiance to one party or another?

CLARK: Well, Judy, this has been a really tough transition to make out of uniform and looking at American society. You know, I was in the Ford administration, I know a lot of people who have really believed in the Republican party. I was working around the White House through the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Clinton administration. But as I've traveled around America and looked at where the country is now domestically, and looked at our policies abroad, I have to say that I'm aligned with the Democratic Party, I like the message the party has, I like what it stands for.

To start, it's a party that stands for internationalism, it's a party that stands for ordinary men and women, it's a party that stands for fair play and equity and justice and common sense and reasonable dialogue. It's a party that has had a great tradition in our country, and I'm very attracted to it and that's the party I belong to. ***

***WOODRUFF: You feel you've got a great burden off your chest by doing this?

CLARK: I think that it helps clarify the situation because I think it's easier for people to relate to you if they can put a label on there. And the label is, you know, I'd be proud and I am proud to be a Democrat.


MOUNT HOPE, Ohio (AP)-- A driver fired a shotgun into a cornfield and killed a man after being tormented by a group of young Amish pranksters who pelted his car with tomatoes, authorities said.

Steven L. Keim was with about 10 other members of the Amish community, ages 15 to 23, who were hiding in the field Monday night, throwing tomatoes and firing paintball guns at passing cars, the Holmes County Sheriff's office said.

After driving past the cornfield several times and being pelted on each occasion, the driver stopped and challenged the group to throw more tomatoes, then fired three to five shots into the field, striking Keim multiple times. No suspect had been arrested Tuesday.

Holmes County, a rural area that has what is believed to be the world's largest Amish population, sees its share of pranks by young Amish people every fall, Chief Deputy Nathan Fritz said.

``They'll steal their neighbor's buggy and put it on top of a building,'' Fritz said.

It was the county's first firearm-related homicide in about 30 years, Fritz said.

Although Keim was raised Amish, the self-employed roofing contractor had a driver's license and had left the Amish church, Fritz said.

Many Amish teenagers, like the group in the cornfield, experiment with popular culture then later return to the Amish lifestyle, Fritz said.

The Amish do not believe in modern conveniences such as electricity and automobiles.

The incident occurred just north of Mount Hope, about 60 miles south of Cleveland.

From the AP wire...

"House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, lashed out at Democrat Howard Dean on Tuesday, calling the presidential candidate a "cruel, loudmouth extremist" for comments he made about Attorney General John Ashcroft.

During a campaign appearance in New Hampshire this past weekend, Dean said Ashcroft "is not a patriot. John Ashcroft is a descendant of Joseph McCarthy," a reference to the Communist-hunting senator of the 1950s.

DeLay fired back in a statement Tuesday. "Howard Dean's comments are an embarrassment to the democratic process and the Democrat Party," DeLay said. "If this cruel, loudmouth extremist is the cream of the Democrat crop, next November's going to make the 1984 election look like a squeaker."

Dean's communications director Tricia Enright responded with some harsh rhetoric.

"The narrow ideological agenda of the DeLay-Ashcroft wing of the Republican Party threatens basic American freedoms that have been enshrined in the Constitution for over 200 years.'"

Tuesday, September 02, 2003


Damfa archives, June 2003, edited

The Republicans, supposed shoe-ins at one time, will need 270 electoral votes to win. They get the advantage of a nine-electoral-vote swing next year, based on population changes in Petrolican "Red states," as recorded in the 2000 census.

In 2004, the Republicans are virtually guaranteed 18 small states (100 votes) (Alab, Alaska, Ark, Col, Id, Kan, Kty, La., Mt., Ne., Nev., NH, ND, OK, SC, SD, Ut, and Wyoming) and 7 large states (110 votes)(Tx, N.C., Ga., Va., Indy, Mo., Tenn.), for a total of 210 votes, leaving only a 60-vote road to victory.

Nevertheless, the Democrats are virtually guaranteed 86 votes from just NY (31) and California (55). Nine other states and D.C. (3) will probably or definitly be theirs (Mich. (17), NJ (15), Mass. (12), Wash. (11), OR (7), Conn. (7), Hawaii (4), RI (4), Vt. (3), making 169.

At current numbers, the Democrats might actually lose Illinois (21) but it's unlikely (if they do, they will lose 45 states and the issue will be moot), working them up to 190, with a friendly Maryland (10) and Delaware (3) carrying them to 203, only 67 shy of victory.

This is where it gets very interesting, with 125 votes remaining. The Democrats can afford to lose 58, so let's give the Bushies Arizona (10) Iowa (7), Miss (6), W. Va. (5), Me. (4), and NM (5).

Here's why the election comes down to three states. 21 Republican electoral votes still needed, so the Dems can give the Republicans either Pennsylvania (21), or Ohio (20) if they get Florida (27). That's assuming the Democrats can also keep Minnesota (10) and Wisconsin (10) to get them within 47. If they don't, the Republicans will be within 1 or 2 and the Democrats will need all three swing-states.

Pa. Oh. and Fla. are 68 votes. Can the Dems make up the Fla. 27?

Perhaps they grab away Missouri for (11), with New Mexico (5) and Maine (4) sticking around from last time. That would mean Dems could lose Pa and Ohio and still win if they get Florida. But without Fla., and only one of the other two, from where else can the Dems get 27 votes?

If the Pubs get 48 from Penn and Fla they only need 9 to win it, meaning any two of the six mediums listed above. (Arizona (10) Iowa (7), Miss (6), W. Va. (5), Me. (4), and NM (5))

The Republican assumptions above may not survive, as New Mexico (5) was decided by three hundred votes, Iowa (7) went Dem and there may be new democratic life in Nevada (5). Just keeping Iowa would make it a pure two-out-of-three shot among the battleground states. Then again, even Minnesota (10) is not guaranteed to be Democratic anymore. Colorado and Lousiana are vaguely in play. Arizona would be nice but not likely.

Campaigning and voter registration should focus on minorities and working class people in Philly, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron, Cleveland, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Miami, Tampa, Las Vegas and especially college voters in Colorado, Arizona, Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Hispanic Democrats need to reach out and consolidate the various Hispanic groups, especially in New Mexico and Florida.

The Democrats need to take the three big swing states, to hedge the bet against losing Minn and/or Wisc. They need Graham to help take Florida, Kusinich to help with Ohio, and Carol Mosely-Braun and Al Sharpton to champion Philly and Pittsburgh votes in Pa. They need Gephart to go for Missouri and Dean and Kerry to pull New Hampshire out of a hat, and ensure Rhode Island and Maine. Damfacrats hope that the Secret Weapon, will take care of Arkansas, in an election where every vote will count. Of course, what we really hope is that Americans will come around and W will lose in a landslide, at which time Raven will have to make a 100 dollar contribution.


Dr. Damfa

Remember how the Griswolds drove all the way across the country, only to find that their mecca, the big amusement park, was closed? Damfacrats don't want to be them. We don't want to struggle for the next fourteen months, bang the peace drum, survive Petrolican TV advertising "roadblocks," and then find out the whole election was rigged.

Few things would be more horrific then a Presidential election where GOP gremlins hack into computer voting systems and steal the whole thing. Oh yeah, they already stole it in 2000, down in Florida and maybe elsewhere, but it seems that nightmare wasn't scary enough to get Americans interested.

Damfacrats understand that neither of the major parties are without sin when it comes to tinkering with the ballot box. That doesn't mean Damfacrats have to lie down for it. After all, we drove all the way across the country in the family truckster...

Diebold, Inc. appears to be the corporation (non-breather), along with its CEO, Wally O'Dell, that is looking to outbid everybody else for the contract to make voting machines used in the 2004 election. Experts have already complained that Diebold's machines are very vulnerable to hacking and other monkey business. Moreover, O'Dell is a huge Petrolican supporter, who goes around asking people for $10,000 contributions to his in-home GOP fundraisers.

The Diebold machines do not print out each voters choices for confirmation purposes. When the debate about voting "reform" flashes across your radar and you have a chance to take sides, Damfacrats hope Americans remember a solid bit of advice: always get a receipt. We simply need paper print-outs of our votes, so we can wave them around if some place like Harlem miraculously chooses George W. Just think of it as the BB gun that gets us our ride on the rollercoaster, whether Wally World is closed or not.

Thank you

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